Saturday, November 19, 2011

Patrick's Place

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Saturday Six

1. From Cat.: What's the best part about where you live?
We have AWESOME transit for the Big City, living as we do 20 minutes from the train station that gets us downtown in 90 minutes flat (slow train). This is turns gives us access to all sorts of cultural possibilities: museums, historical centers, plays and concerts, fancy shopping, etc.
2. From Cat.: What can we do about so-called Christians who really aren't? At least, they don't look like they've ever read the Gospels. At least, not the Gospels you and I seem to have read.
Well, really, Patrick, I was hoping for your insight here. I don't have any suggestions. I'm very annoyed with them for personal and social reasons (W#stb0r0 Baptist, I'm looking at you!), and while I pray for them and remind people that most Christians are not like that, that doesn't seem like enough somehow.
3. From Strange: Where did you grow up?
I grew up in suburban Denver, left there for college, and never went back (to live). This was a major strategic error, to be honest. I've lived within about 100 miles of where I am now for over 25 years, and I still desperately miss Colorado and the West.
4. From Strange: What do you like to do in your spare time?
This seems to eat up a lot of my time, spare or otherwise. I also Facebook a lot (too much) and watch TV and listen to music and read, though usually only one or two of those things at a time. I'm actually making a start this weekend on only being online when I have finished other chores, or only to do productive things (so, like, Facebook and other games: buh-bye!).
5. From Strange: If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go?
I'm itching to hit the Southern Hemisphere; want to visit Australia and New Zealand and perhaps some places in South America. And South Africa and Botswana and.... Yeah. In this lifetime, for sure.
6. From AislĂ­nge: What made you decide to start your blog? An inspiration, a need to empty your head, a complaint of something, or something entirely different?
My first plan was just to keep my reading list online. That quickly morphed into another blog for journaling. Within a few months, I spun off this blog to consolidate the memes. Then I started a travel blog for my travel journals (big trips only), and I have a couple of work-related blogs and a venting spot and some attempts, not even half-hearted, at using other platforms than Blogger. The last couple of years have been so emotionally screwed-up that most of my blogging has been here rather than any serious journaling content. That's a shame, as I've gone back to look at the Old Blog to confirm some dates that I blogged about that I haven't kept up on lately. Sigh.

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