Sunday, September 1, 2019

Saturday 9

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Money for Nothing (1985)
Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.1) Sweatbands are prominent in this very 1980s video. What's the last thing you wore on your head?
I almost always have a ponytail or braid or something like that, so rubber bands and hairpins are involved every day.
2) The lyrics are from the point of view of a man who delivers and installs appliances. What's the biggest purchase you've made lately? Was it big in size or expense?
I been spending $10,000/month on nursing care for awhile. Does that count? [Not lately--I'm cashed out.]
3) The delivery man of the song imagines the worst thing that happens to a musician is a blister on his little finger or thumb. Do you have any minor aches or pains bedeviling you as you answer these questions?
I have a skin tag on my thigh that is driving me ever-so-slowly into insanity. I am using a home kit, but if it doesn't kill it in the next couple of days, I guess I'll have to have a doctor remove it.
4) The term "dire straits" describes a troubling situation that's difficult to extricate oneself from. When's the last time you found yourself in dire straits?
If I look at the big picture of my life, every damn fucking day.
Fortunately, I'm a pretty good ostrich.
5) There's a dinosaur called masiakasaurus knopfleri. It's a prehistoric, predatory lizard, and the paleontologists who discovered it were big Dire Straits fans, so they named it after lead singer/guitarist Mark Knopfler. Do you find dinosaurs fascinating, terrifying, or both?
I think they are a amazing, like all other living things. I don't send a lot of time thinking about them, though.
6) Prior to his music career, Knopfler was a junior reporter, covering the entertainment beat for the Yorkshire Evening Post. Do you believe you would make a better musician or journalist?
I like regular paychecks, so I'll go with journalist, at least old-school journalist. So many journalism people are un- or under=employed these days though, and a lot of them are working freelance, which isn't very steady.
7) In 1985, when this song was popular, rib eye steak was $3.89/pound. Today it's more than twice that. Do you have any beef in your freezer right now?
I might have some ground beef. I'm not sure. I've been using BlueApron* for about a year and they don't use a lot of beef--or at least I haven't been choosing a lot of beef dishes.
8) In 1985, Michael Jordan won the NBA Rookie of the Year award after his first season with the Chicago Bulls. It was the beginning of a career that made him a hero and a household name. Who do you think today's young people look up to?
Hopefully, people like the MSHS survivors, Malala, and LeBron but I really don't know. Even my kid doesn't tell me this stuff anymore. He's been reading Goethe, which is great and worrisome.
9) Random question: Friends take you to dinner for your birthday. The menu you're handed doesn't have any prices on it. Do you try to estimate the costs and choose what you guess is the least expensive entree? Or do you figure that since your friends want you to have a good time, you should order whatever you want?
I probably wouldn't get lobster, but I also wouldn't be aiming at soup or hamburgers either.
*If you want to try it out, hit me up: I have a bunch of "free to a friend" things. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ORDER EVERY WEEK!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday 5

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I came up with this week’s questions by typing the 5 Ws, one at a time, into Google and letting it suggest something interesting (or at least not a yes-no question). I’ve put the incomplete part of each query in bold {ed. I turned them red} you so you can see what I had to do to get the question. In four cases I changed the question’s point of view so [you] is the subject and not [I] or [we]. This may be a flop but I thought it was an interesting concept.
  1. Who do you look like?
    My father's family has very strong genes: three of the five kids look like his side. The other kids don't, which we've always taken to mean that they resemble Mom's side. Apparently, my brother has turned into the uncle he's named for, so there's that!
  2. What bit you?
    Nothing, recently, thank the good Lord!
  3. When are you due?
    NEVER, EVER, ASK THIS QUESTION! I have actually been asked this multiple times, often when I was not pregnant.
  4. Where have all the flowers gone?
    Young girls have picked them, every one. Also, it's August/September and almost all the blooms are on their way out.
  5. Why don’t you?
    Because I'm chicken.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Stealing

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Love Me Some Questions
These are from Love Me Some Surveys.

1. Has anyone ever made fun of your taste in music?
Of course: I like disco, and people crap on that all the time.
2. Is anyone’s birthday coming up?
Today is my brother and his wife's birthdays, and their wedding anniversary. They celebrated by moving into a brand-new house. My sister's is Tuesday. Four of my friends had birthdays today, another four tomorrow and in the following ten days there are 11 more, not counting my sister. See why I no longer send cards??
3. Do you remember who you liked in grade eight?
I have a notebook somewhere with this in it. I think that year it was Larry C. and Ron M. I'm Facebook friends with both of them now. The world is weird.
4. When was the last time you burned any part of your body?
It's been awhile since I had a kitchen accident. Having said that, I will undoubtedly do something stupid this week. I haven't even had a sunburn this year.
5. If I gave you ten dollars, what would you spend it on?
Ten bucks? I'd probably buy lunch for a friend. What I need right now, today, is about $30,000 to pay the nursing home for the last three months.
6. What are you most excited about right now?
I'm a little excited about the prospect of moving, but mostly I'm dreading all the work. Otherwise, I honestly have nothing big to look forward to as far ahead as I look.
7. Does / did either of your parents serve in the military?
My dad was in the Army Air Corps in WWII, stationed in Lake Charles, LA, because he had hearing loss and wasn't allowed to go overseas, thank God!
8. Are you somewhat of a perfectionist?
I struggle daily against this, and I'm much better about leaving things undone, or badly done, these days. I do not have time (or energy) for perfection.
9. Do you like sour candy?
I love sour candy!!
10. Are all-nighters something you have grown used to?
I haven't done an all-nighter in a long time, at least not in the sense of staying up partying. I've stayed up at hospitals all night, and I've stayed up with insomnia for hours. I'm tired all the time, whether or not I sleep 8 hours or 10 or 4.
11. Do you usually wear sunglasses when you’re driving?
My glasses darken when I'm in the sun, so yesss...?
12. Do you wear your shoes around the house?
Nope. My mother never was able to train me to do this.
13. What clothes are you most comfortable in?
T-shirts and loose pants/shorts (elastic waist). I've given in to the expanding waist 100%.
14. Are you good at painting nails?
I'm ok at it. I'm probably better at doing other people's, and my toes, than my own fingers.
15. Smoothies or slushies?
Slushies. I loathe thick, chunky drinks, unless it's a malt!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday 9

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No One's Here to Sleep (2013)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is the theme of How to Get Away with Murder, the legal drama that premiered in 2014 and airs on Thursday nights. Are you a fan?
Nope. I don't watch network TV. I don't watch TV much at all these days.
2) The song's refrain says, "I'll never catch up with you." Behind the wheel, do you carefully observe the speed limit? Or do you have a lead foot, making it hard for anyone to catch up with you?
Somewhere in between. I set my cruise control at 3-5 mph over the limit because anything less than that is too slow around here.
3) How to Get Away with Murder is about Annalise Keating, a law professor at a top Philadelphia university. She has a reputation for being tough, demanding and able to turn her students into successful defense attorneys. Tell us about a teacher who helped prepare you for life after graduation.
I'm still in contact (via Facebook) with one of my Communication profs who taught me a great deal about how see patterns in and reasons for communicative behavior in conversations. Blew my mind. I use what I learned in one of his classes literally EVERY day. Thanks, Pete!
4) The students she feels show the most promise -- and are recruited to help her solve murders -- are known as The Keating Four. Did you ever sense that you were your teacher's favorite?
I was a classic Teacher's Pet for most of my academic career. Somehow I had already figured out a lot of those comm. "rules" before college.... :)
5) Viola Davis was just nominated for an Emmy for playing Professor Keating. Ms. Davis was born on a farm in SC. Have you spent more of your life in a rural, suburban or urban setting?
I grew up solidly suburban, then lived for a few years in a fairly urban environment, and now I'm in what I call the exurbs: on a train line directly into The Big City, but surrounded by farms and woods.
6) Next to Annalise Keating, Viola Davis is best known for her Oscar-nominated role as Aibileen in the movie, The Help. Have you seen it?
Nope. I also don't see movies very often.
7) In 2014, the year How to Get Away with Murder premiered, we lost two famous comedians: Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Who was the last person to make you laugh out loud? (This means actually, literally laughing out loud, not just keystroking LOL.)
It was probably something on Midsomer Murders (Netflix) or maybe Beast when I saw him earlier. I definitely giggled with Trud at breakfast this morning while we caught up on our crazy lives.
8) The 2014 Olympics were held in Sochi. Have you ever been to Russia? If not, is it a dream destination of yours?
I have. I went with a class in college in January 1985, when it was still the USSR. I would love to go back, but I don't think it's happening at this rate. Both politically and financially it's just not in the cards.
9) Random question: The sign on the railing says, "Wet Paint." Do you touch the railing to see if it's really wet?
Nope. I believe signs.
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