Standards of Behavior

I don't really believe in a lot of blog-rules, but apparently some things need to be spelled out:
If you don't like something I say and want to discuss it like an adult, that's GREAT! I applaud your maturity.

If you have questions about something, by all means ask. I like questions: I'm a librarian, after all!

If you're offended by something I wrote and want me to know, then see that first rule above. Chances are that, if you aren't a dickwad about it, I'll apologize and delete what was offensive to you.

If you don't like my tone, or my attitude, or whatever is your thing: hey, sorry/notsorry. I didn't necessarily invite you specifically to read my blog, so take your disdain and stuff it. The exit is up in the right hand corner of your screen.

Finally, if you come into my home and start dissing me, I reserve the right to remove your verbiage, to jump on you with all four metaphorical feet and beat you down, and in short to do whatever I would do if you walked into my house and picked a fight with me. Remember, Cats usually win.
If any of these rules sound unrealistic to you, then you probably aren't welcome anywhere at all and really ought to examine your behavior. These are basic etiquette rules. As someone well-known once said, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." I will call you on it if you get high-and-mighty with me.

Y'all should know that I blogged for over 5 years before posting rules, and that the number of times I've deleted comments (or blocked people) would use less than two fingers.

So let's all go have some fun, now, k?
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