Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday 9

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Straight Up (1988)

1) In this song, Paula sings about being in a dream. Did you dream last night?
Yeah, I dreamed that Beast had made a bad decision about how he spends his time, taking him backwards a couple of years. Thankfully it was just a dream.
2) When Paula enrolled at California State University, she planned on studying broadcasting and becoming a reporter. Think about your career aspirations when you were 19. Did you follow through and stay on track or, like Paula, did you veer off and find success elsewhere?
I had no clue what to do post-college. All the things I enjoyed in school led mostly to teaching or business, neither of which interested me (teaching because of issues external to the actual teaching part of the job, business because yuck). I was in a program called something like Independent Study so I had fewer requirements than most college students, so I ended up getting a double major and a double minor and skipping a lot of the must-take classes (like calculus). So I'm degreed to the gills and unemployable. Brill. Hello, grad school!
3) For a while she was a "Laker Girl" and performed at L.A. Laker games. Do you have a favorite NBA team?
I . Do . Not . Basketball looks to me like organized rioting with random breaks where everyone goes retro and gentlemanly.
4) Paula was once married to Brad Beckerman of Stillhouse Spirits, a company that specializes in whiskey. What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Stoli. Not that I've had any in probably 6 months....
5) Paula has been dancing since age 8 and, as you can see from the video, Paula moves very well in heels. Tell us about your most comfy shoes.
I have come to really love Sketchers because they are so comfortable to work in. I've got a couple of pairs and I need to go stock up on fall/winter footwear so there may be more in my future.
6) Paula admits it was her passion for jewelry and that inspired her to design her own line for QVC and Avon. What is your favorite thing to go shopping for?
Shoes. Not even close. Seriously, I could easily buy 20 pairs of shoes every time I walk into a store. It's ridiculous.
7) She advises young girls to "keep the faith and don't lose your gut instinct." How about you? Are you more logical or instinctive?
I'm both. I think I tend toward logical over time, but I've made a lot of big "gut" decisions that have worked out all right as well.
8) In May, Paula traveled to Austria for The Life Ball, a fundraiser to help those afflicted with HIV/AIDS. When is the last time you left the country?
This makes me sad. I haven't been overseas since 2011 when we went to Italy and then to England for Rosellen and Spence's wedding. They are expecting twins this year so maybe we need to head over to see them and the rest of the family, including the other two babies born since 2011.
9) Paula Abdul is a spokeswoman for Avon's "Go Check Yourself" campaign for breast health awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know anyone who has been touched by this disease?
I work with two people who have dealt with this. A church and P.E.O. friend is in remission, and another P.E.O. is in treatment right now. My mom had a brief scare towards the end of her life, but it turned out OK. I also had a sister die of a different 'brand' of cancer.
But the real scary thing in my circle is heart disease. My dad, my mother-in-law, my sister, and innumerable friends have dealt with this. It's far FAR more important to me to get a handle on heart-related diseases. Sorry, pink people.
I also loathe the color pink, so that might be part of my 'problem.'

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday 5

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Up and Autumn
  1. Where do you rank October among the twelve months of the year?
    I'd put it in the top 3.
  2. What time is the sun coming up where you live, and how does it affect your life or schedule?
    It's rising slightly before 7 these days. The only real effect I can think of is that it's right in my eyes when I'm sitting in the living room in the morning. And of course, it means winter is coming. Boo!
  3. How do you manage to get enough fresh air and exercise in bad-weather months?
    Hah! I don't get much of that in the rest of the year, so there's no big change for me!
  4. Holidays and weather aside, what are the best and worst things about the autumn months?
    Best is the smell in the air, the lower humidity, the crisp, cool nights, the light.... Bad things: occasionally brutally cold, and the sense of impending winter.
  5. What are some good songs for the soundtrack of the season?
    ...this is why I don't really do mixtapes. I freeze up and can't think of anything. All that comes to mind are Halloween songs for kids!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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1. Something on your October calendar that makes you smile?
I'm going on vacation!! Two weeks doing whatever the heck we want! We're renting a small(ish) RV and driving through the Ozarks and just hanging out. I need to get the hell out of here, even before the shit hit the fan last week. And I haven't really left town for more than part of a day since January. This is ridiculous!
2. Food for the soul or music for the soul...which camp are you in? Tell us why.
Yes. I need music on a regular basis or my soul hurts. And I do love food. A lots.
3. What are two or three things you've learned recently as the result of an online search?
1) That I'm a bully (because I asked Facebook to remove a photo from someone's Facebook page because it didn't belong to the person posting it). 2) That, holy cannoli!, my entire life is online, but thankfully NOT connected to any of my blogs. 3) That Jimmy Kimmel has a hilarious bit on his show where famous people read tweets about themselves.
4. Share your favorite game day recipe. You can describe it, post the how-to, or add a link to the actual recipe.
I don't make special food for game days, except for Thanksgiving of course. It's all about the burgers and brats, if we do anything at all.
5. What are your five essential steps for creating the perfect morning routine?
1) Setting my alarm for the right time. 2) Not oversleeping on a day I need to be up at a specific time. 3) Having an idea when I get to the closet about what I'm going to be wearing. 4) No tripping, dropping stuff, whacking assorted body parts on door jambs / cabinets / furniture in the bedroom / bathroom. 5) Remembering all the "little" things: deodorant, lotion, perfume, earrings, matched shoes (and socks in the winter), clean glasses, meds....
6. What small thing have you taken note of today?
I'm very appreciative of all my great-nephews and their parents--my Wall o' Kids is all updated as of today with all six boys. There are no girls yet, but these kidlets are awesome!! I'll get a picture tomorrow and post it one of these days.
7. Sum up your September in seven words or less.
Hot, weird, busy, crazy, learning curves everywhere.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
People who assault and badger and harass people from the safety of their computers are evil. They are the Great Evil of the modern age. It is emphatically NOT ok to treat people like they matter less than you in the big world, and it is NOT ok to create the center of the universe around yourself at the expense of other people's freedom and peace of mind. It's NOT ok to impose your worldview on others when your worldview comes from a place of Crazy.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Stealing

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Really Random Meme

Do you believe that Walt Disney is really frozen?
I do not, because it's an urban legend.
Do you believe its easy to forgive and forget?
It is definitely not easy to forgive. I don't even try to forget.
When you feel like running away from it all who do you call?
Amy. We're going bowling in Canada.
Is there anyone who knows your entire life story?
Nope. Beast probably knows the most of everyone besides me.
Have you had to have stitches at all in the last year?
Yup, I had surgery in February. Seven stitches in my neck.
Which is coming next: Christmas or your birthday?
Have you ever been a clown for Halloween?
Yes. I believe that's the last costume my mom ever made for me.
What time did you go to bed last night?
I was in bed by 11:15. Asleep by midnight. Awake again at 1. And 4. And 7.
When did you get up this morning?
I gotout of bedat about 7:25 when Beast was finished in the shower and headed downstairs.
When was the last time it rained?
Overnight, I think. It was damp out this morning.
Are your finger nails painted at the moment?
My fingernails are never painted but my toenails are bright orange right now.
Do you ever go hunting/fishing?
Yuck. No, thanks.
Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
Yes I did. I wonder how B.B. has fared in the intervening 45ish years....
Which parent do you look most like?
My dad's gene pool is deep and strong. We all look[ed] like him, except perhaps my brother. Even my son looks like him! And several other grandchildren are clearly "his" as well.
Do you have any friends who are famous?
Nope. Thank you to all of you, my friends, for staying under the radar. ;-)
Do you use eBay to buy or sell?
I use eBay for photos, when I use it for anything at all, which is rarely.
Is music a daily part of your life?
Yes. I listen to music pretty much every day. I haven't tracked it but I'm fairly certain that my shittiest days tend to be music-free. I'm not sure which one leads to the other, but I suspect the two facts are interconnected.
Is your self esteem high or low?
I'd call it healthy. Not too high, not too low. Probably a little lower than optimal right now. It's been a really rough week.

Unconscious Mutterings

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  1. Annoyance :: Irritation
  2. Vague :: Spacey
  3. Styrofoam :: actually blue [family joke, but also true]
  4. Hold up :: Slow down
  5. Cards :: Gambling
  6. Thread :: Sewing
  7. Manhattan :: Cocktail
  8. Calories :: Tasty!
  9. Fuzzy :: ... navel
  10. Supervisor :: Manager
  1. Resist :: Fight back
  2. Procrastinate :: Put off
  3. Stimulate :: Alert
  4. Secretary :: ...of Education
  5. Buffering :: ... w a i t i n g ...
  6. Overcast :: Gloomy
  7. Grinder :: Organ ....
  8. Amateur :: Non-professional
  9. Flaw :: Error
  10. Aloof :: Cold shoulder

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday 9

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Take a Letter, Maria (1969)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, R. B. Greaves gets a shock when he gets home from work. When is the last time you were surprised? Was it a happy or sad surprise?
Well, finding out on Wednesday that my name hit the watchdog list where I was slandered and lied about by people who have made life hell for a library about 60 miles from here...that was a surprise. Probably shouldn't have been; this crew is batshit nuts.
2) Mr. Greaves sings that he didn't get home until "about a half past ten." That's a very long workday. No wonder his wife felt neglected! Have you ever had trouble maintaining balance between homelife and career?
I have that problem quite a lot, yes. And I have spent many years not getting home till (nearly) 10. Then again, that's because I was working the closing shift, so yeah.
3) According to the song, "Maria" is a secretary. Have you ever worked in an office?
Yes. And yuck. And this song is so indicative of an era I'm glad is gone...
4) In today's office, R.B. Greaves wouldn't ask Maria to "take a letter." Instead, he'd keystroke his own email to his wife and cc his lawyer before hitting, "send." Think of another phrase, like "take a letter," that we seldom hear anymore because of technology.
"Typewriter eraser." No, kids this is not white-out.
5) "Maria" is mentioned in many songs ("Maria" from West Side Story, "Maria, Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Willie Nelson, "How Do Solve a Problem like Maria?" ...) but Crazy Sam discovered few, if any, "Samantha" songs. Does your first name figure prominently in any lyrics?
It does not. My first name is rather unusual. A name very similar to mine has a few however, none of which I'm going to detail, but they include songs by Frank Sinatra, Bat for Lashes, Billy Joel, and Flogging Molly. Quite the mix.
6) 1969 was the year that Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. Do you believe in life on other planets?
I don't not believe it's possible, but I have no proof either way.
7) In 1969, the Beatles performed publicly for the last time as a band, on the roof of Abbey Road studios. When did you last climb up onto your roof?
That would be never. Our roofs are steep, probably a good 40 degrees. There's no reason for me to be there, and it would be stupidly dangerous.
8) Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries sold at a brisk pace at Christmastime in 1969. Were you a fan of these books? If not, tell us about a book you remember enjoying when you were young.
I loved loved those books! I also liked The Bobbsey Twins (same syndicate that did ND and HB). And Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. And, of course, the Little House books.
9) Random question: Do you consider yourself old fashioned?
In some ways, maybe. Mostly, though, no.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday 5

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  1. When did you last spend kind of a long time in an unpleasant mood?
    Wednesday was NOT a good day, though, surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as one would expect. The last really lengthy day of bad mood was probably a couple of weeks ago. Despite a very very strange and depressing week, I never really hit Downerville somehow.
  2. When you’re in a bad mood, what are strategies you employ for either dealing with it or shaking it?
    I try to find someone to talk to. Or I try to distract myself. Or I take a nap/go back to bed. None of those solutions work every single time, but usually one of them does.
  3. What’s a meal you enjoy only when you’re specifically in the mood for it?
    I have to be in the perfect mood for calamari or octopus. And it has to be cooked just right.
  4. When you’re in an especially foul mood, how are those close to you most likely to detect it?
    Really? The entire ZIP CODE knows when I'm in a bad mood! It's not a secret.
  5. What external forces seem most to influence your mood?
    Other people's moods. I'm overly sympathetic, to say the least.
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