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Random Questions

Have you had an argument with anyone recently and if so, do you still have issues with that person?
→ I've been apart from people for 5 weeks. Much easier to restrain myself from arguing when I can, quite literally, walk away for days. I argued in a dream overnight, but IRL...I guess, Sparky and I arguing over how to spell "counselor" as in attorney. He says it's "councilor." He is wrong. :D

Are you talking to anyone while filling this in, or how about texting or chatting on Facebook?
→ Nope. Listening to Martinis & Murder. Oh, and the weather radio is always on these days.

Have you done something recently that helped someone else in any way?
→ I hope so. I've been making a point to thank anyone currently working for being there. I need to stop at the nursing home with some goodies for staff.

What kind of mood are you in at the moment and is someone else responsible for that mood?
→ I'm working really hard today to be completely oblivious to anything happening outside my immediate proximity. Planning for the next three minutes or so at a time.

Has someone of the opposite sex been getting on your nerves lately?
→ Heh. Nope. Easy enough to literally switch off the input these days.

Who was the last person that asked to hang out with you and what's the story of how you met that person?
→ One of my besties from college called last night to check in. We met freshman year in band because we both played flute. That is the extreme tl/dr version.

If you knew that one of your friends was considering suicide, what would you say to them?
→ I would sit with them an listen to what they were telling me. I would try not to pass judgment on their feelings. I would ask kind questions about the full situation. I would ask if they know how much worse everyone that loves them would be without them. I'd ask if they wanted help, and I'd ask them to promise to call/text/whatever me no matter what before they did anything towards suicide.

At least, I hope that's what I'd do. Been walking along this line with some folks in the past few years.

Have you ever felt so depressed that you were struggling to carry on and if so, what would you say to someone else who was in that situation?
→ I have no advice. Do whatever you can do, count it a victory, learn to self-talk in kindness, and ask for help. Nothing you're feeling is permanent. Also see above re planning three minutes in advance.

Have you ever worn colored mascara and if not, would you ever think about trying it?
→ Nope. It wasn't a think back in the day when I wore mascara.
If you have, what is or was your favorite color to wear?

What do you remember about your first day of secondary school and were you more nervous or excited about it?
→ Does this mean 8th grade? 6th grade? I'm going with 8th grade. In those days, that was the oldest grade in junior high, so I'm sure I was pretty pumped to be Top Dog at least in terms of age. I can't remember anything specific about any of my First Days of.... in any year of classes, to be honest.

Who was the last person to pay you a compliment?
→ Jen, last night on the phone. I think.

What can you tell me about the shirt you’re wearing and is it one of your favorites?
→ I'm wearing a grey sweatshirt with red USA letters on it. It's not a favorite per se but it was on top in the closet.

Is there anything that’s happened in the past month you wish you could go back in time and change?
→ Dear God, SO MUCH, both personal/internal and in public. So far, nothing I've done has negatively impacted anyone healthwise and I'm happy about that. If I could go back before 3/15, I would bail on Beast's dental surgery.

What color is your purse and/or wallet?
→ It's a dirty, dark green Green Bay Packers wallet. I haven't had a purse in years.

What’s the closest item to you that’s black?
→ The screen of my phone, I guess. Or my mouse.

Do you think guys see your mother as a "yummy mummy"?
→ Uh, my mom was almost 42 when I was born and had fully gray-turning-white hair as far back as I can remember. So yeah, this would be seriously doubtful. She definitely was a cutie when younger, though.

Is there a certain name you think seems to have become really popular and you know lots of people with it?
→ There was a period in the mid-90s when every kid was named David or Jennifer. These days, Bra(e/y)don/Kaden/Jaden/etc. needs to jump off and f'in' die. I like the kids/people with the name just fine, but jeebusssss......

What’s the most expensive item in your make-up bag?
→ Make-up bag? Hah. I guess, by default, it's Chap-Stik.

Thinking about what you looked like five years ago, how did you look different compared to the way you look now?
→ I've gained weight, my hair is much whiter and longer. If I looked closely enough, I'd probably see more lines on my face, too.

Who was the last person of the opposite sex to text you and do you think that person's attracted to you?
→ My boss, and holy fuck I hope NOT!

Before Facebook became popular, did you use any other social networking site like Bebo or MySpace?
→ Nope. I mean, I think I had a MySpace account just to poke around, but I don't think I used it.

Has anyone ever asked you out and you turned them down?
→ Of course.

If so, did you feel guilty about it and why do you think you said "no"?
→ No guilt. I was married. He was a creep. [the one that comes immediately to mind]

Who're the last five people of the opposite sex that you talked to and what did you talk about?
→ Two were nurses at Shanaknock (nursing home--not it's real name) and one was my boss. A college friend, one I met on my first day and have been good buddies with all through the years. Hmm... #5.....I guess another coworker at our staff Zoom Thursday.

Who's your most recent text message from and has that person ever told you that they love you?
→ Literal most recent is my niece reminding me of her son's Zoom piano recital that started at 1. I'm missing it. Literal zero motivation. He's 7. I really don't want to sit through 7 year olds playing piano right now.
Has she said "I love you"? I'm sure she has, but she's not real huggy/verbally effusive.

Have you ever asked anyone, "Do you love me?" and if so, did you get the response you wanted?
→ I have, and yes, I did in the important case when I did that. We have a joke in the household that when one of us screws up, we ask "Do you still love me?" in a pleading voice with a smile. Because of course we do.

Do you think when someone says, "I love you" that you feel obliged to say it back?
→ Depends on the person. If I do love them, I say it. If not, I redirect.

I know it’s a depressing thought, but have you ever actually tried to imagine what the end of the world might be like?
→ Right now, it doesn't feel like I need to imagine very much. And yes, even before Teh Virus, I've thought about the End of the World all too much.

Which Disney princess do you think is the most beautiful and why?
→ I dunno. Jasmine, maybe? I'm not much of a princess person these days.

Someone tells you that you’re wasting your time with the person you love, so what do you say?
→ "Yes, maybe, but it is my choice to do that." Also, fuck right off. And yes, people have said this to me almost verbatim in the past 10 years.

Has anything happened in the last seven days that you’d like to forget?
EVERYTHING! This was a very very bad week. Roofs flying off, Beast falling (twice) and going to the ER alone, continued failing health otherwise with him, and almost complete lack of attentiveness to work. Plus weird dreams, bad sleep in general, and endless crying Thursday-Saturday morning. Very few bright spots this week. Oh, and an article in the local paper that Shanaknock has had 4 cases of COVID, which was news to me.

Has someone of the opposite sex ever sang to you and if so, how did you respond to it?
→ Yes. It was awkward.

When did you last hug someone of the opposite sex?
→ Sparky was here week-before-last. We tried to keep the whole socially distant thing going, but he had a meltdown at one point about something online and he asked for a hug. He's my kid--NOT hugging him was a problem.

Have you ever seen the film "Casablanca" and if so, did you like it?
→ No. Maybe I should actually do this while locked-down, eh?

If you’ve had a bad experience in a past relationship, did you find that you were scared to get into another relationship in case the same thing happened again?
→ I have been married almost 34 years. It's been a good marriage, until the last few years when it became difficult due to illness. At this point, I'm in no hurry at all to take on dealing with anyone new. I like being alone.

Are you friends with the last person you hugged, or something more?
→ He's my son.

Do you ever post song lyrics as your Facebook status?
→ It's happened. Not super-often, but on occasion.

How many girls do you know with the name "Georgina"?
→ I don't think I've ever known anyone with that specific name. Certainly not in recent decades.

What're three facts about yourself that I might find useful if I came to spend the day with you?
→ I like to eat. I'm not interested in talking every minute we're together. Sleep is my drug.

Do you drink alcohol on a regular basis or do you prefer to save it for special occasions?
→ I gave it up for Lent, then while Sparky was here I didn't restock (for triggering reasons), then I got an instacart delivery of two big bottles of vodka last week and still have only had one smallish cocktail. I'm hyper-aware of "needing" booze.

Do you have a relative whose name begins with "L" and if so, what can you tell me about them?
→ I had a sister who's name started with L. She died in 1994. That's it.

Did you play with Barbies when you were a kid, or did you prefer something else?
→ I had a Barbie and a Barbie Dream House and a couple of Dawn Dolls and I played with them a lot. But I also played with my older brother's toy cars. Several of which I still have, somewhere, I think.

Are you a secretive person?
→ I'm getting better at keeping my mouth shut. Holding on to a couple of workplace secrets right now, and trying NOT to be a drama queen about some pretty horrible life circumstances of my own right now.

When did you last eat?
→ Maybe an hour ago. Maybe I should restock the snack bar, i.e. couch?

If you were going to buy a present for the person you love, what would you generally choose?
→ Something to cheer them up, something useful, something they like.

Do you plan on kissing the last person you kissed again?
→ I'm not sure if that was Beast or a small person. Probably Beast, and I hope I have the opportunity to kiss him again. Someday.

If I’m going to buy you a box of chocolates, which kind should I definitely not get?
→ Fruit. I don't like chocolate and fruit that much. And easy on nuts too. Caramel and nougat, though, I'm all over.

If you met the celebrity that you most admire, what would be the first thing you’d say to them?
→ "Thank you."

Has anyone ever told you that you're special and if so, do you think that person meant it?
→ Yes. And yes.

Is there something you generally always ask for help with?
→ Anything to do with the exterior of the house.

If you had to give up your phone or your computer, which would it be?
→ Probably my phone, but either way, I'd need one or the other these days.

Has anyone called you "gorgeous" or "beautiful" today?
→ I just got off the phone with a friend. I don't think she said those words, but she always makes me feel better about life, so good enough for me.

This time last year, what was happening in your life?
→ I think we'd just started the year-long journey of getting Beast's teeth sorted out: pulling, dentures, surgery.... We were gearing up a for a big software change at work.  I had more than $5000 in the bank.

Did you or will you have coffee or some other form of caffeine today?
→ I've had two can of Diet Coke. Need to restock that too.

Who did you last have a text conversation with and what was it about?
→ The very last was aforementioned friend texting "Ready?" before she called.
Legit conversation was a management group text for work discussing whether we should get a shark or an orca for the fish-tank, which then became quotes from assorted movies, including Star Trek--maybe we can fill the reading area with water for a whale...  Everyone has lost their everlovin' minds.

Are there regular trains in and out of your area?
→ Both freight and commuter trains pass through the town where I work. I live in the boonies though so we don't even have sidewalks here.

Do you bathe your pets regularly?
→ I don't even bathe myself that often these days, and I don't have pets.

Do you have a mailbox or do you collect your mail from the post office?
→ Mailbox. Probably has at least two days' of mail in it right now, too.

What was the last animal you saw and was it a pet?
→ IRL? I think a rabbit ran across the front yard when I was out there the other day. I didn't really see it. It was not a pet.

Have you ever had an ear infection?
→ Seriously? Yes. Jeez, what a weird question.

If you could watch any TV series right now, what would it be?
→ As a matter of fact, I probably COULD watch any TV series right now, but I'm not all the into TV shows anymore.

Would you have any clue when your best friend last got their hair cut?
→ My guess would be prior to mid-March. One coworker shaved her head right after we went into quar. Others have trimmed their hair. Oooh, actually, my boss got a trim from his wife I think last week.

Someone messages you just as you're about to go to sleep, so do you reply?
→ This totally depends on who and what. Sparky needing to talk/ask me something = probably yes. The CPAP supply line = no thanks.

What was the last documentary you watched focusing on?
→ I watch LivePD a lot. Was on last night. People be cray.

Have you ever been hospitalized due to dehydration?
→ Nope.

Is there anything you need to remember to do before the day ends?
→ Call the cleaning lady. Tell her not to come. The house needs it, a little, but I don't want to tidy.

Do your parents have any authority over who you date?
→ My parents haven't been in on that decision for almost 40 years. And they're dead now.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
→ Bagel with swiss and gouda cheese. And peanuts. And diet Coke.

Are you lucky enough to have an ice maker in your refrigerator door?
→  I am. And I use it. It dispenses two kinds of ice (crushed and cubes) AND water. Whee

Is your car messy or do you like to keep it clean?
→ It's definitely messy.

Are you the type to wake up before the sun has even risen?
→ Not these days. My sleep schedule is insane.

What's the name of your favorite coffee shop or cafe?
→ Liza's.

Do you feel the need to rant about anything right now?
→ Nah, man. There's a lot of insanity out there. If you know anything about my political feelings you know where most of it is and I'm staying far away from things that infuriate me.

How old were you when you started to pick your own clothes?
→ Probably 8-10. I don't know.

Do your grandparents use a walker?
→ Never did, and they have all been dead since the early 70s, so I mean....

What's your AIM screen name?
→ Uh. I don't think I have had one of those since about 2000.

Do you cry a lot?
→ Yes. The last few days have been rough. Before that I've been pretty good.

Do your parents get on your MySpace?
→ I barely used it, and they not at all aware/interested.

Which is better, Gatorade or Propel?
→ Ice water.

How many siblings do you have?
→ I started with four. There are two left. One is 76. The other is 66. I'm the baby at 56. Yes I'm very aware of how weird that is.

What's the first noticeable thing behind you?
→ Visually, probably my hair (white). Aurally, my laugh.

Do you tan easily?
→ I never have. I burn and then turn back to pale with some freckles.

Have you ever seen anyone put on flavored lip gloss just to lick it off?
→ lol

Have you ever walked in on your parents?
→ Thank God, no.

Where does your family hide the liquor?
→ One bottle is currently in the pantry. The other is in the freezer. I don't hide it; never have. Beast hid a fucking liquor store around the house, though.

Do you die without chewing gum?
→ Die? No. I chew gum, but I wouldn't die without it.

Are you glad it's summer?
→ Is it??

How many calories would you say you take in a day?
→ Approximately "too many."

Have you ever pissed outside?
→ Yes, as a much younger person.

What's one funny thing on your mind?
→ The goofballs on Martinis & Murder.

Do you plan to go to college?
→ I did, graduating from under-grad in '86 and grad school in '87.

What about kids?
→ What about them? I love them so much! Mine is particularly awesome at age 27.

Do you plan on getting married?
→ Already am. Never again. Or at least it's very VERY unlikely.

Do you have a back porch on your house?
→ I do.

Do you hate backstabbers?
→ I'm not a fan.

Do you live near any lakes?
→ Yes. It's even in the name of the place where I live.

Are you spiritual?
→ Sure.

How late do you usually stay up?
→ The last five days' bedtimes have been 9 p.m., 2 a.m., midnight, 3 a.m., and 1 a.m. but keep in mind several of those days involved lengthy naps.

What do you do in your spare time?
→ It's all I have these days. Worry, stress, read, eat peanuts, wander around unsafe-for-me internet places, sleep, rinse-repeat.

Do you ever get lonely?
→ Only very recently, briefly.

Have ever disliked someone because of their race?
→ Nope.

What're five TV shows you watch at least once a day/night?
→ I watch, literally, ONE show two nights per week. If that.

Have you ever beaten ass in the day and taken names in the evening?
→ I have indeed.

Have you ever been used?
→ Welcome to adulthood.

Have you ever used drugs and/or alcohol?
→ Daily, my dear.
Was it fun?
→ I mean, I take 7 prescription drugs a day. If I didn't I would, at the very least, be miserable.

Are you pregnant?
→ Nope.

Do you want to be?
→ Bought the T-shirt. The factory has been razed.

Do you call the kids in the "ROTC" dill pickles?
→ Random, indeed. No.

Do you share a bathroom?
→ Not anymore.

Do you hate it?
→ I didn't, most of the time.

Do you plan on being a hooker?
→ I think that ship has sailed, my dear.

Do you get in trouble a lot?
→ Not a lot.

Who do you see on Sundays?
→ Same general routine of people I would see other days. If I go to to church (in the olden days, pre-COVID) I see friends there.

Where's your sibling on Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM?
→ I haven't the foggiest idea, nor is this something I need/want to know.

Do you hate annoying little kids?
No, but I'm glad I don't have to live with them 24/7/365.

Can you describe your entire family in three words?
→ Crazy as loons"

Do you shower once daily?
Normally, yes.

Are you in love?
I mean...

What's the first thing you see when you look out your window?
From where I'm sitting, now I can see a tree in my yard, a tree across the street and blue skies.

Is there anything in your hand?
Not easy to type with something in my hand.

What about them pockets?
 I have no pockets today.

What's your favorite fair food?
 Funnel cakes. So yummy when fresh; so awful when cold.

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