Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday 5

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Shiver Me Timbers
  1. When did you last make what could be described as a wriggling motion?
    With my whole body, that was probably snuggling deep under the covers last night. I wriggled my fingers just before starting typing though. Kind of a habit to pop the finger joints.
  2. What never fails to give you the willies?
    This week? Anything to do with our federal leadership, specifically directly around DJT.
  3. What’s something you’ve seen on TV or in a movie that made you squirm?
    If y'all remember that scene in "Poltergeist" where the meat on the counter erupts int maggoty movement? Yeah, that one. I'm sure there've been others, but that one still makes me nauseous in memory.
  4. What’s something in your life that could be described as serpentine?
    Hmm. I'm drawing a bit of a blank here. All I can picture is Michael Hutchence dancing. That's not really "in" my life, but it's definitely in my memory. Otherwise, all I'm coming up with is some regularly-traveled childhood roads in the mountains of Colorado.
  5. Where can you get a really great shake?
    Oberweis, but they've closed. DQ, but they close 'round here over the winter. So, Culvers it is. If were willing to travel a bit, though, KOPPS! To, quite literally, die for. And the butter burgers, too.

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Zippi Kit said...

Question3: Gee that would make me gag, too!
Highway 1 on the California coast is also pretty serpentine. The the mountain roads in Colorado when I was 13 were truly scary.
The shake thing. DQ isn't bad. I worked in one and liked their stuff. Mel had a great take on it. lolz

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