Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday 9

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Brokenhearted (2012)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a girl who is eager and anxious for her new lover to call. Do you owe anyone a call? An email? A text?
I owe at least two phone calls. One of those people has probably been expecting a text as well. Emails, though, I'm fairly up-to-date on. ... Nope, just found a 7-week old message I haven't even read much less responded to. Since it's about my sister's death 20 years ago, I haven't been eager to open it.
2) The lyrics are peppered with the informal English exclamation, "cheerio!" What pops into your head when you close your eyes and think of England?
You forgot the "lie back" part. ;-)

I think of my rellies, and lots of green. And non-warmness, even in July.
3) This week's artist, Karmin, is a husband/wife duo who met at college, and that meeting changed the course of their lives and careers. Think of someone who has had a huge impact on your life. Did you know, as soon as you met, that this was going to be a life-changing relationship?
Not exactly. I mean, I've been wrong a lot of times about people I thought would be important long-term. However, I'm also a pretty quick judge of character (when I'm not moony) so real idiots don't last long.
4) Though she sings about consuming tequila, the female side of Karmin, Amy, is a big proponent of healthy eating. She recommends organic foods that are free of pesticides, hormones, food coloring and added sugar. Think about your most recent meal. Was it a good example of "healthy eating?"
Club crackers and sliced cheese (NOT American) washed down by Diet Dr. Pepper. Whadday think?
5) Husband Nick has his own Twitter account (@NickKarmin), but he doesn't use it often. His last tweet was back in August. What's the last thing you posted to social media? (No, your blog doesn't count.)
I RT something @JKRowling tweeted earlier this morning. I haven't been on Twitter for probably two years, but this week I reconfigured my subscriptions and got back into it. I'm following all the "Alt" and "Rogue" accounts.
6) Karmin performed "Brokenhearted" live on Dancing with the Stars. DWTS is very big business for ABC-TV. So many people vote for their favorite couples each week that their phone and text systems often overload. Have you ever voted for a contestant on American Idol, DWTS, The Voice, etc.?
7) In 2012, the year"Brokenhearted" was popular, the average cost for a gallon of gas was $3.91. In 2016, it had dropped to $2.40. When it's time to fill up your tank, do you shop around for the lowest price/gal.? Are you brand loyal and always return to the same station, regardless of price? Or do you just buy gas from the nearest station when you're running low?
I do try to hit the low-ballers in the area, but mostly I stop when the light comes on and panic sets in.
8) In 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavor was retired and placed on permanent display at the California Science Center, a Los Angeles museum dedicated to encouraging excitement and enthusiasm about air and space travel. Let's say you had a long weekend to spend in Los Angeles. Would you go out of your way to see The Endeavor? What else would you like to do during your time in the City of Angels?
If Beast were with me, we'd probably do that. Personally, I'd find a nice hotel near the ocean, find a bench at the water's edge and park there for the duration.
9) While we're thinking about aviation ... Statistics show that it's still a predominantly male field, and less than 10% of commercial pilots are women. Would you be nervous flying with a woman pilot?
Of course not! Actually, I have flown on a commercial flight piloted by a woman. NBD.

8 sweet-talkers :

The Gal Herself said...

THANK YOU for getting my joke on #2. No one else did, and I was getting discouraged. ;)

Zippi Kit said...

I noticed that part missing, too. LOL! But didn't want to rock any rowboats. heehee.
England, This green and pleasant land. Is it colder than San Francisco in summer? haha
#8. Very smart idea. Venice beach has the BEST ice cream maker nearby.

Cat. said...

I expect any second to hear a parallel directive coming from DC, Gal.

Zippi, maybe this is why I don't like rowboats--I'm the one knocking them over? lol Haven't been to VB but now it's moving up the list. :)

Stacy said...

I fuel when the light comes on, too. What is it that makes people so resistant to stopping to fill up before it gets to that point? My husband is beyond resistant...the light comes on and he figures he still has "x" amount of miles to go. Can't tell you how many times I've had to take him gas. :/

Kwizgiver said...

I like your idea for #8. A good book and a chance to read round out that scenario. Actually, a bad book would suffice.

Diana_CT said...

I should call my aging 80 yo cousin, but all he does on the phone is mumble his works and asks "What did you say?"

CountryDew said...

I have some concerns about the alt & rogue accounts but am following them, too. You just never know who is behind the mask.

Cat. said...

The best one, hands down, is the @Alt_Interior one. I think that's the account.

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