Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday 9

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Happy Holidays! (from the archives)

1. ...Sam loved giving her annual wish list to Santa. Yet some children are reluctant to climb into Jolly Old St. Nick's lap. Did you enjoy the tradition or were you shy? Or did you by pass it altogether -- either because you wrote him a letter or because your family didn't celebrate Christmas?
I probably was really scared. I only remember standing in line one time for Santa, and I probably wigged out, but I do remember sitting on his lap for about 3 seconds and getting a candy cane at the end of the ordeal. I was probably 6 or 7 at most when that happened.
2. Are you currently on the Naughty or Nice list? How did you get there?
I suppose I'm on the Nice list. I usually am, though I've had my years of edging towards Naughty. I'm never very bad though. Even when I was hardest on myself, I wasn't that bad.
3. Did you ship any gifts to friends and family this year? If so, which one traveled the farthest?
I shipped three packages on Monday. I suck. The overseas one may not make it, but they aren't getting together as a family till next week anyway.
4. Did you buy yourself a gift this year?
Not ... exactly ...? Kinda? I mean, I bought (too many) Hallmark Trek ornaments in ?June? when they hit the market this year. I missed the later additions though, since their release hit at the same time the money dried up. That's probably about all Beast and I are "getting" this year. Since last year's haven't even been unboxed downstairs, though, it's almost like we have two years to look at if we get around to putting them out/up next week.
5. What's your favorite holiday-themed movie?
I don't like movies because of their holiday associations per se. We went and saw Collateral Beauty this week which has lots of Christmas setting-stuff, but it wasn't "about" Christmas. Good movie though. Bring Kleenex.
6. Thinking of movies, Christmas is lucrative for Hollywood. Have you ever gone to a movie theater on Christmas Day?
Yes I have. And I think we're doing it again tomorrow. We saw Little Women back in '94 on Christmas, probably at least a couple since then, and tomorrow is Star Wars Rogue One day for us. It's our reward for behaving at my niece's house tomorrow afternoon.
7. Have you ever suffered an embarrassing moment at the company Christmas party?
Nope. I save my embarrassing moments for family get-togethers.
8. What's your favorite beverage in cold weather?
Same as in warm weather: diet Dr. Pepper. I do like eggnog, but really, I can't drink very much: it's too rich.
9. Share a memory from last Christmas.
Beast had surgery a year ago and came home on Christmas Eve. It was a very low-key holiday, but definitely a good one.
HAPPY HANUKKAH! MERRY CHRISTMAS! AWESOME KWANZAA! Have a great holiday, whatever you're celebrating this weekend.
Belated God Jule and Mawlid an-Nabī as well!

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Diana_CT said...

Merry Christmas Cat.

Kwizgiver said...

I'm not a fan of egg nog--just one small sip is plenty for me.

Merry Christmas! xo

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