Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday 5

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Something’s Afoot
  1. What’s the nicest pair of shoes you’ve owned?
    I had a rockin' pair of cowboy boots when I was in college that I gave away because they weren't too fashionable at that point and in that locale. I was an idiot. I'd love to have them back.
  2. What’s likely to be your next shoe purchase?
    I really need a new pair of loafers. And maybe some sneakers.
  3. Where’s your favorite place to get shoes?
    Famous Footwear.
  4. When did you last swap out the insoles or laces on a pair of shoes?
    I don't wear laced shoes that much, so it's been awhile on that. I don't use inserted insoles.
  5. What were the last shoes you got rid of like?
    A local animal shelter was collecting shoes this month so I got rid of 4 or 5 pairs, including some high-heeled granny shoes that I can't wear anymore. I can't remember the rest.

3 sweet-talkers :

Bee Bee said...

Because of my peripheral neuropathy in my feet, I can't stand shoes or socks, so I wear orthotic flip flops. Thankfully I live in Florida or else I'd be in real trouble..Lol

Kwizgiver said...

Our local animal shelter did the same shoe drive! I gave away an embarrassing amount of shoes and sandals.

Cat. said...

Bee--I had flip flops on in the garage last week while I was working on my car.
OK, I was freezing, but still. ;-)

I couldn't give up more shoes because I'd already thrown away the really trashed ones.

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