Saturday, December 24, 2016


Your Christmas Color is Gold
You are chic, glamorous, and more than a little indulgent around the holidays. You believe this is [the] time to celebrate in style.

You love the warmth and glow surrounding the holidays. For you, all of that begins with a spirit of generosity.

You see Christmas as a time of richness - not monetary richness, but richness in gratitude, fellowship, and tradition.

You don't mind going a little overboard for the holidays.
Your celebrations may be lavish, but they are never exclusive.
I'm so NOT AT ALL chic or glamorous or even lavish, at least I would never call myself that. But my holidays are not exclusive--I'm always inviting people to "just come over!"--and I do totally believe that generosity goes a long way in life, especially this time of year.

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