Monday, October 31, 2016

A dozen, with nuts

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Previous rounds of this massive survey are here
started 9:40 p.m. 10/23

1101. Continued…Let's see if I'm psychic.
You wrote three yes or no questions. Now I will answer them.
1 yes
2 no
3 no
Did I get any right? Only the first one matches my answers.

1102. You wrote one question that can be answered with a color (example: what color is my car). I say....
Is it true? Actually, yes.

1103. You thought of a number between 1 and 100 and typed it down.
Was it 14? It wasn't.

1104. You wrote one more question, anything you wanted.
The answer is yes, 42, orange, Matt, Josh, Kim, Nicole, whatever or your mom. Does that answer your question? Well, "whatever" might work.

1105. Do you think that Britney Spears would make a good Bond Girl? Uh, no. I don't care about 007 and I'm not a huge fan of hers, but the two worlds they inhabit should not intersect.

1106. Have you read anything by C.S. Lewis? Yes. Lots. He's not my favorite, but he has his moments.

1107. What is your favorite movie with Bill Murray? I don't think I can pick just one, but we do go back to "Caddyshack" really often for quotes.

1108. What is your favorite movie with Jack Nicholson? I haven't seen that many of his films, but I liked "As Good As It Gets."

1109. What is your favorite movie with Christopher Walkin [sic]? I don't think I've noticed him in any movies I've seen.

1110. What is your favorite movie with Johnny Depp? Benny & Joon.

1111. What is your favorite movie with Orlando Bloom? I did like the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.

1112. What rhymes with 'orange'? I'll go with "cringe."

1113. Why do guys have nipples if they will never need to feed a baby? Because reasons.

1114. Some people think that couples should be screened before they are allowed to reproduce (so that people who cannot afford to support a child don’t have one, or so that a child won’t be born into a dysfunction[al] family or to unfit parents). What do you think about this? Good luck with that. Say hello to Big Brother when it all works out.

1115. Have you ever swallowed an object by accident? Hasn't everyone? One of my best friends swallowed a sewing needle once and had to be hospitalized till it passed.

1116. Did you get it back? I don't look. eew.

1117. Do you prefer He-Man or She-Ra? In principle, She-Ra, though I never watched the show myself.

1118. Are you proud of yourself? Sometimes.

1119. Who should go to hell? And this is why I'm not God.

1120. Is your eyesight 20/20? Nope. Not even with my glasses on. In fact, my eyes are killing me this evening. They're kind of making me motion sick, which is weird.

1121. Have you ever had insomnia? Pretty much every night.

1122. Does it bother you when people touch you? Not particularly, unless you're orange and creepy with a name that sounds like Ronald Dump.

1123. Is it better to get too much or too little sleep? Too little.

1124. Have you ever given away something you made? What? The only thing that's coming to mind right now is a sock monkey I made Beast a few years ago from a kit. As a kid I gave away lots of "artwork."

1125. Is it better to have kids when you are in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, or older? Here's an idea: you do you. I had my only child at 29. It worked for me. My parents had kids starting in their early 20s through their early 40s. It worked for them.

1126. What gets your adrenaline pumping? Everything these days. I'm that out of shape.

1127. Is hell all fire and brimstone or is it personal for everyone like in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? I lean toward the Bill & Ted version of hell. And Jean-Paul Sartre's.
Or does it not exist? Oh, hell definitely exists.

And on that note, I'm off to bed @ 10:25 p.m.
I'm baaaa-aaack... 10/29 @ 7:34 p.m.

1128. Do you ever talk about yourself in the third person? Very very rarely. I find it entirely too precious when people do this.

1129. What's your favorite radio station? What kind of music do they play? I don't listen to the radio much, and when I do it's almost always Sirius XM. I bang around historical hits (70s, 80s, etc.) and a lot of random stuff.

1130. What did you think of these movies:
Election? I have no memory of this movie
Gone With the Wind? Guilty pleasure--love to scream at Scarlett.
Fight Club? Never said it. Zero interest in it.
Spider Man? It's not horrible. Except the stupid bits that are always stupid in every superhero movie.
The Virgin Suicides? Never saw it. Should probably read the book though.
Resident Evil? Yeah, no.
Signs? Too spooky for me.
Muppets from Space? Uh...only on the [old] TV series.
Pearl Harbor? No thank you. Look, if you want to see a good movie about the war in the Pacific, get "Tora Tora Tora" and do it right.
Halloween Resurrection? Nope.
The Dark Crystal? Don't think I ever saw this. It looked silly when it was released and I never went back and watched it later.

1131. Is everyone special? Indeed they are.

1132. Are your toes:
Painted (what color)? Nope. It's nearly November, and my feet are in Winter Mode for the duration.
Manicured? Well, I guess, though since they are feet I generally think of them as being pedicured.
Sparkly? Well, I've still got the toe ring on, so kind of. Once I start wearing sox regularly, that will have to come off.
Soft? No. They need some work.
Wearing a toe ring? Oops, yeah.
Do you have hobbit-feet? Nope. My feet are very non-hairy.

1133. Do you believe there is anyplace still undiscovered in all the world? Yes. No one has been everywhere in any case.

1134. Whose picture would you like to paint a target on and throw darts at? Jeez, 10 days before election day and you have to ask?? TRUMP of course.

1135. Is love all you need? Nope. I need air, water, food, sleep, shelter... somewhere down the list, love shows up but it's not in the top 5 for sure.

1136. Ever caught a fish? I've only ever held a fishing pole for someone else who had his hands full for a minute or two, so no. I've been present when I fish was hooked though.

1137. Are you adventurous? In some areas. I'd love to be moreso.

1138. Are you afraid of mediocrity? I'm not afraid of it. I think doing the best you can is good, but that doesn't always mean you achieve anything more than mediocrity some days.

1139. Would you rather die tomorrow or have all your friends die? Well, there's a lovely Sophie's Choice! I can't even answer that!!

1140. What are 3 things you don't understand?
1 I just don't get how people can be so hateful to others intentionally and yet thoughtlessly.
2 Physics.
3 Cricket matches.

1141. I would do anything for love but I won't do 'that'. What is 'that'? For Meatloaf? I've never been able to fully answer that question. Drives me nuts. What would I not do for love? Kill someone I love, even if requested. Sorry, no assisted suicide here. I'm on board with whatever you need to do at the end of life, but I can't provide the plastic bag, pillow, pills, or gun.

1142. Has your diary ever been rated? Hah. I don't know what this means, but no.

1143. Do you do more than kiss on the first date? I have not been on a first date in about 32 years so who knows. Probably not.

1144. Are you very liberal or conservative? I'm socially liberal and fiscally more towards the conservative end of things. Or at least the traditional conservative end of things. I'm nowhere near the current crop of Republicans on ANY issue!

1145. What do you like about your neighbors? My immediate neighbors are friendly, helpful, fun, and don't set off fireworks on a daily basis. Or weekly. Or even monthly or yearly.

1146. I read that by 2010 they expect to market a gene therapy procedure that will increase the life spans of adult human beings by double or triple. If this happened would you have it done? Well this is old. And I'd live to be close to 200 or 300? Well, that would be interesting, but no. The world needs babies not decrepit old crabby people!

1147. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. Did you clap? No because I'm typing.

1148. Was this year a good year for you? Hah!! HAH! No. This year, the past 13 months, has flat-out sucked in any objective measure. I'm getting a solid education in handling stress, idiocy, lack of control, and general inability to plan further than 10 minutes in advance.

1149. What are you looking forward to next year? NOT more of the same! I need to get my glucose under control. I'd like to see Sparky get moving in terms of a career future. And dating someone. And mostly I want a healthy husband. Not all of this is going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?

1150. Are you a Jim Henson fan? I mean, I like the Muppets....

1151. What do you think of these diarist names?
ToxicToast: Cute.
Solitary Music: Kinda lame.
gemini_wish_star: Total loser.
juneberry: Hmm, sounds yummy somehow.

1152. Do you read the Diary Master’s diary? Not that I'm aware of.

1153. Have you ever made an enemy on OD? OD? I'm sure I've caused myself to be blocked by SOMEone on Facebook.

1154. Have you ever (or do you know anyone who’s) been deleted from OD? Since I don't really know what OD is, or rather I haven't spent any time whatsoever at the site (assuming it still exists)...

1155. Were you ever in the first row of a concert? Only at college dances. We had a lot of good live band, but not many of them were huge names.

1156. Did you ever meet a celebrity? Who? Stephen Tobolowsky. He was pretty much a normal guy.

1157. Do you have any autographs? I do not.

1158. Can you visualize whirled peas? All too well.

1159. Are there some situations where love just isn't enough to keep 2 people together? When does that happen? Yes. Sometimes two people just should not be in the same air space, no matter how much they like each other. There are lots of examples of this. Take the rumored reason for the split of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for instance.

1160. Do you have no attention span? I... What?

1161. What do you think of these entry titles?
me. back. home: Where were you? I'd read it to find out.
steak and butter: a.k.a. Heart Attack on a Plate. And no.
The Smurfs Go Communist: I have no interest at all in anything to do with Smurfs.
The controversial Athens: Hmm, really? I have questions that might cause me to read this.

1162. Have you ever been wrongly accused? Who hasn't? Of course I have. Happens a lot at work. With my boss, unfortunately. ...sigh

1163. When you wash your hair do you blow dry it or let it dry naturally? Depends on the day and how much time I have to get out of the house.

1164. Where does your family go on vacation? Lots of different places!!

1165. Have you ever been to:
Newport, Rhode Island? Nope.
Dutch Wonderland?
Salem, MA? No.
Niagara Falls? No. Hey, try leaving the northeastern U.S. once, yo! smh

1166. Have you ever given money to OD cares? Nope.

1167. Have you ever created an OD interest? Nope.
If yes, what interests did you create?

1168. What do you think of these entry names?
DEAR SOUL FRIEND 57 Loss: What the...? No, move along, emo person.
I had a good title but i forgot it: Sounds like something I'd do....
Left Alone: Hmm, maybe. Is this a complaint or a thanksgiving?
yeah yeah...he kissed her: OOOOHH, kissing!? What then??

1169. If you have aol what is your 'you've got mail' sound? Hello 1999, your modem is calling....

1170. What will you never have enough of? Time.

1171. Who can you only handle in small doses? My brother-in-law Jan. He's a fucking nutjob.

1172. You are at a magic auction where you can bid on impossible things but you only brought enough money to buy one thing. Out of these..which would you buy?
entrance into whatever afterlife you believe in nah
a guar[a]ntee that you will have at least 3 books published in your life I really feel that I should have to WORK for this sort of thing, so no
a new car, house and boat each year no thanks
unending creative inspiration how exhausting!!
ultimate compassion and acceptance of others ....this would be nice, to a point. I sort of feel like I go the extra mile too many times already though.
a trip into outer space nah
perfect health for the rest of your life This is pretty tempting.
I think I'm going to be selfish and go for good health.

1173. In the above question if finding perfect love was a choice would you change your answer? Nope. Delusions are not something I want to embark on.

1174. What food is so fattening or unhealthy that you would NEVER touch it? Ha ha ha! I'm far from fussy about food being healthy-enough-to-eat!

1175. Which do you love more, your country or your planet? Planet, but really the people on it, not the actual, y'know rocks and stuff.

1176. What do you think of:
Abba? meh, not my thing
Brian Adams? DEFINITELY not my thing, though he had a good run in the 80s.
No Doubt? I like Gwen, and a lot of their songs.

1177. Are you more logical or emotional? I try for logic, but often veer into overly emotional rather abruptly.

1178. Do you think that tattoos and piercing are overrated? Yes.

1179. What do you think of these diary titles?
The Seamless Garment: I can skip this.
Your eyes can be so cruel: Hmm, maybe...
What was, is no more: Derp
shock me sane: More emo-babies, yay, not.

1180. Do you believe that Michael Jackson molests children? Uhm. Not anymore, for sure. I have no idea if he molested anyone while he was alive. I would like to think not.

1181. Hypothetically, let’s say that he did molest them. Who would you feel should be held MORE accountable, Michael Jackson or the parents that allowed their children to go to Never Land Ranch unsupervised for sleepovers? Dude, if he hurt a child, HE HURT THEM. Not parents, Neverland staff, LaToya, the caterers...just the person doing the molesting.

1182. Have you ever been to:
Manhattan? Nope.
Disney? Yep, both.
Paris? Only the one in Vegas.
Anywhere cooler? Eminently, loads of places: Denver; San Diego; Mexico City; London (England, AND Ontario); Maine; Washington, D.C.; Athens, Greece; Beijing; Chicago; Mt. Rushmore; The Smoky Mountains; The Caribbean; Rome; Moscow; Little Bighorn; Zurich....

1183. What 3 music videos should everyone download? Yeah, I'm a fine one to ask--I don't download videos ever!

Time for a bath and then bed; I'm just done @ 8:18 p.m.
Gonna try to finish up tonight 10/31 8:50 p.m.

1184. If someone bet you ten dollars that you couldn’t sing the whole Gummy Bears theme song, would you be able to do it and win? Nope.

1185. Do you like Bjork? Some of her stuff is interesting, but a little goes a long way.

1186. How about the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? Honestly, never listened to it/them. Doesn't sound much like anything I'd go for though.

1187. What do you think of Moby? I'm not a big fan.

1188. What do you think of Alien Ant Farm? Also, not something I would choose to listen to.

1189. What do you think of the Flaming Sideburns? Great band name, but no idea what they sound like.

1190. Do you believe that imps, trolls, giants, dragons, unicorns, etc. were real but became extinct? No, I do not.

1191. What sucks? My standard answer for this is "mean people."

1192. What do you think of these diary titles?
Geologist to the Stars: Hmmm. Well, I might spend a few minutes checking it out.
The Hussy Chronicles: Pass, no thanks.
Gravy: Mmm, gravy! I love gravy!
Napping in the Broom Closet: ...this just makes me wonder if I could do that at work...

1193. Do you ever think about suicide? I mean, not about myself, not really. I think (i.e. worry) about kids in this context semi-regularly, however.

1194. Do you believe that Jesus Christ was a real person? How about Noah? I'm pretty sure about Jesus. Not so sure about Noah as an individual.

1195. What is one luxury you refuse to live without? Indoor plumbing.

1196. What is one luxury you feel you could live without? Cable/Satellite TV.

1197. Do you feel that you are high, medium, or low maintenance in a relationship? I have moments of all three, but in general I'm probably medium-to-low.

1198. What do you think of these diarist names?
N.Y.S: Assuming it stands for New York State, no thanks.
Collapsibleman: ?? Might go see why.
*})|({*: I don't really get these "art" things.
black dove: Naw. Sounds far too hip for me!

1199. Do vegetables taste better from the store or from your garden? Fresh veggies always taste better. However, I haven't had a vegetable garden in a decade.

1200. How long have you spent on this survey so far? Far too long. If I went and added up all the time I'd probably have to kill myself. Or the author of this thing.

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