Friday, November 20, 2015


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black: how much personal space do you like?
I'm a midwesterner, so a fair amount compared to (for instance) southern Europeans, New Yorkers, etc. If you get close enough to me that I can smell your breath when you talk, you're too close. Especially if you had spicy/oniony food recently. Or, for cryin' out loud, BOOZE! Back the fuck right off!
chamomile: describe your sleep schedule
I shoot to head to bed by 9:30 so I can be asleep before 11. I'm usually awake at some point between 1 and 4 for an hour or so (usually more), and I'm out of bed no later than 7:30, though it varies from day to day. Often, I'm working on 5-6 hours average for several nights running. Or less.
dandelion: when you make wishes who are they for?
World peace. Me and Andie McDowell. Maybe there's something in the water around here....
elderflower: do you get sick often?
Define "often." I don't, not really, but I often feel like death in the colder months of the year, mostly psychosomatic.
fennel: how do you feel right now?
I'm exhausted. Considering I've had the last three days off work, I feel like I need a vacation! This semi-nursing situation at home just sucks. So much to worry about, all the time.
ginger: what animal do you act like?
I fear I am very much like my nickname on line. And often, not a very nice feline, either.
ginseng: post a photo of somewhere you feel calm
I don't have a picture of my bed, asleep. Or the driver's seat of my car on a country road with the sun shining and no worries.
green: list your top 3 motivators
1. Fear. 2. Love. 3. Stubbornness.
hibiscus: do you like when people try to start a conversation with you?
That is 100% dependent on the person. In general, when I'm out in public doing my own thing, no. At work, I don't mind, up to a point. And if you're creepy, do not talk to me. Ever.
kava: post your favorite color scheme
I like blue. Seriously, throw me in a blue room, or a room with blue furnishings and I'll be fine.
lavender: does physical activity help you relax?
Mindless stuff does...until it doesn't. I get antsy and bored if I do too much mindless physical stuff.
lemon: how differently do you behave when you're by yourself versus when you're with others?
I hope it's not a lot different. I suppose I talk to myself more when no one's around, since there's no one else to talk to. ;-)
matcha: do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
mint: what song gives you energy?
Almost anything by Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, or Pink will do.
nettle: is there anything you do when you feel guilty?
I get defensive and irritable.
oolong: where do you see yourself in five years?
Here is fine. I do hope that Beast isn't on Round Three of back pain. I'm tired of this.
peppermint: are you self righteous?
I can be, yes.
rooibos: if a conversation bothers you, will you speak up about it?
Oh, probably. I seem to have lost a lot of my etiquette filters over the years (assuming I had any to start with).
white: do you think family is important?
If your family isn't totally toxic, yes. Family is the most important thing, unless they are horrible people. I'm not, for a change, being flippant either. My family has a few nutjobs, but I love them all--when I don't want to bash them on their heads--and I know they've got my back. But we also tend to be generally rational, ethical, kind, and law-abiding.

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