Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday 9

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Perfect Storm (2014)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about "the thrill of a lifetime" kind of love. Do you believe we each get one great love? Or do you think it's possible to fall in love more than once?
I think there's not a limit to the amount of love available in the world. It's not a commodity. I think if someone is open to it, love will come around again and again, though whether it will look the same every time is unlikely.
2) Brad Paisley endured his own "perfect storm" in 2010, when he lost his guitars in the massive flood that hit Nashville. Tell us about a time when you had to clean up after Mother Nature.
When my sister Ellen and her family went to England in (approx.) 1989, the week they left we had a big summer storm in the area. We drove up to their house--as the designated "just in case" crew--and found that one of the big, old ash trees in their backyard had pirouetted and crashed to the ground, taking out their neighbor's fence but somehow missing the house. Gotta love living in a tornado zone!
So while Beast assessed the tree/fence situation, I crawled through Ellen and Dean's Important Papers for their home insurance policy (among their wills, several mementos, a couple of family quilts, and other creepy things I felt like I was invading). The following weekend, we, along with Dean's brother and father burned through two chainsaws in the process of cutting up the tree--ash is hard wood. The insurance claim got started on replacing the fence, and by the time they got home from vacation, the only evidence of a problem was the hole in the ground and the missing fence, and letters from the insurance company. This was in the days when it cost major money to call people, so we just waited till we picked them up from the airport to tell them anything.
3) He is married to actress Kimberly Williams, who played Steve Martin's daughter in the Father of the Bride movies. He has admitted he was a little in love with her before he met because he'd seen her on screen. Do you have a crush on anyone right now?
4) He's a passionate Cleveland Browns fan. Are you following the NFL this season?
I'm telling Beast this--he's a Brownies' fan too! We ALWAYS follow the football season. I'm bumming about the Packers' games the last couple of weeks. At least Denver's doing ok... SOMEone needs to take out New England, though.
5) Brad has developed his own line of western wear for Boot Barn, including some pricey items. (A "Perfect Storm" felt hat goes for $230.) What's the most expensive item you've added to your wardrobe recently?
I need to buy a new winter coat, but I haven't pulled the trigger on that. I bought some shoes a week or so ago.
6) "Paisley" is also a term for a popular print. Are you wearing a print or solid right now?
All solids, though my socks are ribbed. Red shirt with "Antique Archaeology" on it, gray fleece-lined sweat pants, black men's sox. I'm not at all a fan of paisley, though perhaps I have a scarf with something like it in the pattern.
7) Crazy Sam is not a big country fan, but she can sing along with this song because it played so very often at a bar she frequents. What's the last song you sang?
Something off of TobyMac's Tonight CD ... Captured, maybe? In the car, yesterday.
8) Though Brad Paisley has recorded songs about drinking, he never touches alcohol. His favorite beverage is Yoohoo, a chocolate beverage bottled by the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Company. What's the last beverage you drank directly from the bottle?
Definitely a Diet Dr. Pepper.
9) Random question from a Sat9er: What's your favorite handmade item?
Any of the quilts or afghans that family and friends have made/given me. It's cold out here all of a sudden.

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Kwizgiver said...

Hey! Every time the Pats win, I get free Dunkin' Donuts coffee!

Cat. said...

Dude, I would send you a check to cover *all* your DD for the rest of the football season if The Empire of Evil would lose every game from here on out this season. :)

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