Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday 9

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1) Do you prefer your pickle sliced thin, sliced thick, or in a spear?
I like my pickle to be dill. Otherwise, I'm not worried about the shape. Assuming they'll be in a sandwich, of course, I'd like them sliced. I'm really not fussy about pickles.
2) What kind of eggs do you like best for breakfast?
Depends on the day. Some days are omelet days. Some days are over-easy-with-toast days.
3) If you got 2 pennies for change, would you pocket them or leave them on the counter for the next person?
Inside the store, I usually leave them. Drive-thru, they go in my cup-holder.
4) You’re now in charge of the manners for the planet. Tell us the new rules for cellphone etiquette.
Oh, jeez, I'm just not EVEN.... If... No, I can't. The whole issue makes me so twitchy. Be polite: F2F is more important than whatever your phone is doing. That's the etiquette.
5) You’re about to write a novel. What genre will it be (sci fi, chick lit, historical fiction, comic …)?
I'd love to write a mystery. However, I'm pretty sure my strong suit is nonfiction.
6) Is it a bad thing to lie to save a friend’s feelings?
Depends on the size of the lie and how direct. "That shirt is cute" isn't really lie. "You're new haircut looks good" is more of a lie (if it doesn't). "I think your new boyfriend is awesome" when you know he's a serial cheater (or worse)...not ok.
7) Is your big toe your longest toe?
Actually, my second toe is a squidge longer from base to tip. My big toe, weirdly, starts higher.
8) Hot stone massage: yea or nay?
Sure. My therapist uses hot stones regularly. As long as they aren't burn-hot, it feels good.
9) Do you check the mirror before going out?
I mean ... at some point, I have looked in the mirror, yes. We don't have a mirror by either door, though, so I should probably remedy that.

3 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

Oh, how I love your cell phone answer!

CountryDew said...

Cell phones are just nuisances that we can't seem to live without. They have some sort of secretive addictive thing going on.

The Gal Herself said...

I read a lot of mysteries and am very hard on the authors. This one was too twisty, that one was too obvious, another one cheated by giving the cop/detective clues we readers didn't have. Blah blah blah. If I think it's so easy, I should write one my damn self, right?

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