Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday 5

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  1. Which of the standard keyboard symbols best describes your mood right now?
    I'm so freakin' tired. I literally spent the morning propping my eyelids open with my fingers. I'll be in bed by 8 at this rate. No clue what my problem is.
  2. On your brand-new family coat-of-arms, created right now whether you already have one or not, what animal is the central figure, representing the spirit and character of your family?
    Hyena? We're scavengers, with weird senses of humor, loud laughs and big mouths.
  3. In what ways is your vehicle symbolic of you?
    It's frequently messy and disorganized inside, but not riotously gross.
  4. What charms, figurines, or objects do you keep at hand to remind you of something or someone?
    I don't really do this. I have some of my mom's socks and a couple of shirts of my dad's. Nothing much from my sisters, which is disappointing. Most recently I left a note taped to the back of my keyboard at work that says, "Nope. Don't do it. No chit-chat." I'm done. The last two days, once again, I can't say anything right to people there so I'm done talking. Fuckin' leave me alone; I have enough stress in my home life and I definitely do not need more at work.
  5. What song lyric best sums up your feelings heading into the weekend?
    "Take this job and shove it."--Johnny Paycheck
    I actually heard that on Spotify today; there's a playlist called "I Hate My Job" and yeah.....

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Kwizgiver said...

There's a playlist for I hate my job??

Cat. said...


Are you on Spotify?

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