Friday, March 27, 2015


Your Perfect Afternoon is Creative
Your head is full of visions and inspirations, and you like to make those beautiful thoughts a reality as often as you can.

For you, there is nothing better than having the time and space to create. You love an empty canvas of any sort.

You mostly create for yourself, and you love the satisfaction of making something exactly how you want to make it.

Whether it's crafting, writing, or producing art, you never have trouble filling up a spare afternoon.
Not really so much. I do not consider myself overly creative.

You Are a Modern Font
You are always looking towards the future, and new technologies excite you.

You are very fashionable and on trend. You are curious about what's new in the world.

You are very smart
, but you're not a nerd. If anything, you are more geek chic!

Good fonts for you include: Infinity, Eurostyle, Majoram, Matchbook, and Politica
Pretty close, except that fashion and chic thing. I do like those fonts.

Your Theater Type is Intellectual
More than anything else, you like theater that tells a good story - one with great writing, an engaging plot, and well developed characters.

You like theater that makes you think... and feel. All it takes is some good dialog and acting for you to enjoy a play.

You love a play where you're hanging on every word. You are big on suspense and character development.

Your favorite theater makes you look at the world a whole new way. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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