Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday 5 Redux

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Bonus Questions #5
  1. What was your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?
    I can't think of any one incident, but I think my clothing choices of late haven't been...stellar.
  2. What's something awful that happened to you or someone you know involving email?
    Well, aside from the usual "oops" replies/forwards, I can't think of any major tragedies.
  3. In what embarrassing location have you fallen down?
    I haven't fallen in public for awhile, but I fell on the stairs of my house Monday night and badly bruised my tailbone. Hurts. A lot.
  4. What's something that embarrasses you but probably shouldn't?
    Leaning on other people for serious stuff.
  5. Have you ever done anything embarrassing while driving?
    Well, yeah. Singing and dancing in the car, veering off the road into someone's yard, changing lane inappropriately.
  6. When did you last have a eureka! moment?
    They happen semi-regularly at work, I'm happy to say. But not this week. My mind has been focused ... elsewhere. (see #3 above)
  7. What's something you recently learned about something you already knew pretty well?
    That Beast is a grown-up. Derp.
  8. What's something you don't know much about that others mistakenly think you do?
    Oh, everything. My knowledge field is light-years wide and an inch deep.
  9. What's a word you recently learned the meaning of?
  10. Who's an extremely well-known person in your field but is relatively unknown outside it?
    Nancy Pearl is a librarian rock-star.

Bonus Questions #6
  1. What store's departure from your preferred shopping mall most saddened you?
    I don't shop at malls, and I don't really have 'store loyalty.' I am glad, however, that the locally-owned small grocery store in town is still open, even if it was recently purchased by a small chain.
  2. b>What's good to eat at your preferred shopping mall?
    Again, I don't really mall-shop too often. Mostly, when I'm there, I eat outside the mall. Oh, but Cinnabon! Hello!
  3. What services (as opposed to goods) do you pay for at your preferred shopping mall?
    ...I don't. My "services" are mostly hired elsewhere.
  4. What's a store you've never been inside at your preferred shopping mall?
    Anything catering to teens and that has million-decibel EDM and a heavy layer of cologne in the air is off my list. I'm looking at you, American Eagle.
  5. What kind of store would you most welcome in your preferred shopping mall?
    The kinds of stores I tend to like do long not live in shopping malls.
  6. What did you most recently purchase at an office supply store?
    Gosh, it's been a long time since I've allowed myself into one of these. I was probably buying a notebook or something.
  7. What did you most recently purchase at a book store?
    A...(wait for it) Yo.
  8. What did you most recently purchase at a drugstore?
    Pistachios, face soap, Zyrtec, candy.
  9. What did you most recently purchase at a convenience store?
    Bologna, bread, Little Debbies.
  10. What did you most recently purchase at a thrift shop?
    The only recent interaction I've had with thrift shops is the song which makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

Bonus Questions #7
  1. What kinds of craft-making do you particularly enjoy?
    Uh, I used to scrapbook. Don't do much of anything crafty though these days.
  2. What craft-making's appeal baffles you?
    I don't really understand rubber-stamping. I like a good rubber stamp once in awhile too, but...hours?
  3. What have you purchased from Etsy or similar websites?
    I haven't ever bought anything from Etsy, much to my shame. About the closest I've come is CafePress, where I bought Beast some post-back surgery gifts.
  4. What crafty item in your house gets the most use?
    Er...? I suppose maybe the curio shelves Beast built two decades ago.
  5. What qualities really make someone a good crafter?
    Patience, inspiration, attentiveness to detail.
  6. What's your favorite animated, non-Disney, non-Pixar movie?
    I don't watch animated movies unless I'm forced to do so by an adorable child. So, none.
  7. What's your favorite teen movie?
    I like the Harry Potter movies.
  8. What's your favorite romantic movie?
    Er...? She's Having a Baby, maybe?
  9. What's your favorite action movie?
    Any of the Die Hard movies.
  10. What's your favorite non-animated movie musical?
    Fiddler on the Roof.

Bonus Questions #8
  1. If someone insisted on paying for it, would you rather have a gardener, a housekeeper, a personal chef, a driver, or a personal assistant?
    Personal chef, especially if they would also do all the food shopping and planning.
  2. If someone insisted on paying for it, would you rather have a personal masseuse (or masseur), a sex surrogate, a personal trainer, a therapist, a makeup artist and hair stylist, or a life coach?
    Personal trainer, but not a mean one, just one to motivate, remind and schedule me to work out.
  3. Would you rather have a non-creepy secret admirer who sent you the occasional small gift and admiring note, a professional agent who kept an eye out for your next job and applied on your behalf and negotiated your salary, a private investigator who found out what people are saying about you and found out interesting things about people you know, or a personal photographer to capture all your special moments in ways that always made you look your best?
    The first one, I guess. The rest simply don't apply.
  4. Would you rather have limitless closet space (for clothes only), limitless shelf space (for books and music only), limitless hard-drive and cloud storage, or an eidetic memory?
    Eidetic memory.
  5. Would you rather have perfect pitch, the ability to do long or tricky math problems quickly in your head, ambidexterity, an inerrant BS detector, or the uncanny ability to know exactly what the weather's going to be like in your neighborhood within twenty-four hours?
    The BS detector would come in quite handy but get in the way as well especially at work. So, ambidexterity wins, I guess.
  6. In what way have you stubbornly refused to grow up?
    I laugh too loud because I appreciate silliness.
  7. In what way have you stubbornly refused to be open-minded?
    Rush Limbaugh, generalized sexism, and Westboro Baptist Church are simply wrong. Period. Don't engage me in discussion about it.
  8. In what way have you stubbornly refused someone else's kindness?
    It's not really a refusal or stubbornness, but I think I'm completely obtuse about people offering their friendship to me.
  9. In what way have you stubbornly refused to be apologetic?
    I apologize all the time. It gets tiresome but I'd rather just get the argument over with.
  10. In what way have you stubbornly refused to take a short cut?
    In the past six months I've really wanted there to be a shortcut, but I also know there really isn't a want to do that that's worthwhile in the long run.

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