Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Rutting

You Could Get Into a Rut
So far, you are doing a pretty good job at mixing things up in your life. You have some variety going on.

You are not in a rut, but you are not completely immune from getting into one either. You do like your habits sometimes.

Whenever you are given the choice, try to do the new thing rather than the established practice. Make that one of your few habits.

By forcing yourself outside your comfort zone, you can make your life almost completely rut proof.

And a rut proof life is an amazing life. People who stay out of ruts are more creative and innovative.

If you want to leave your mark on the world, staying out of ruts is how you get there!
I try hard not to get too rutted. ...er, that's weird, but basically I try hard to mix things up. Up to a point.

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