Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday 13

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Things Starting with G

  1. Interestingly G is really the next letter in my occasional alphabetical posting for this meme (F was done last March), and this Sunday is the Grammys. So, there's that. I'm trying to listen to most of the nominees this week. Lots of good stuff, some (c)rap I can't stand.
  2. My niece who lost her baby and nearly died 6 years ago is pregnant again. I'll be a Great-Aunt again in August, assuming all goes better this time. Since I already have two great-nephews, I'm hoping this one is a girl.
  3. Ahhh! Girl! One of my former coworkers just had a baby this week, a sweet little girl.
  4. Gibbs. I'm watching this past Thursday's NCIS, which means Mark Harmon, which means drool.
  5. I can't believe how many people I know have been really sick this year. Whatever Germs are going around are nasty; once you get sick, they seem to hang around for a really long time. Vitamin C time has arrived!
  6. My new boss seems to have the effect of having me Gabble insensibly whenever he's in the room. I feel like a freakin' idiot. ...sigh
  7. The weather is Gray and wintry. So, I guess that's ok at some level. Just not a happy level.
  8. Sparky informed us over his Christmas break that he's having some major difficulties with the whole God thing. He says he doesn't believe anymore. OK then. Welcome to college!
  9. I have some kind of weird thing going on in my ear. It's kinda Gross-looking. Let's just leave it at that.
  10. Genre headings. And other headings at work. Weirdly, just as I was typing this entry, one of the characters on the show used this word.
  11. So, the Guy I live with (Beast)? He has a new CPAP machine. He has spent, quite literally, 17+ hours/day in bed, sleeping from Sunday through yesterday. Today he was up longer--11 hours--but pretty much collapsed by 6:30 and has now been in bed for 45 minutes
  12. "Geeks With Computers." This was just said by that same character on NCIS. I guess I picked the right letter tonight.
  13. Good Grief! This wasn't easy!

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