Saturday, January 5, 2013

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Saturday Six

1. R is for RACE: If you had to attend some sort of race — horse race, NASCAR, etc. — which type would you most likely choose?
I've been to a stock car race, I've been to the dog track (I know, I know, don't judge me!), and of course I've been to people I guess a horse race, although I suppose harness racing would count there. I don't know. I really did enjoy the cars; the roar of the engines is pretty amazing as they round turn 4 to start racing...nothing like it.
2. R is for REALITY: If you had to choose one reality show to watch, which would it be?
The Amazing Race. At least it's educational. In a good way! And Phil K is adorable.
3. R is for REINCARNATION: If you could come back after death as an animal, which would you choose?
I would probably come back as an American cat. They seem to really live pretty good lives. However, reincarnation doesn't give the option for 'choosing' so I'm more likely to come back as a gopher or a starling.
4. R is for REPORTER: Which local reporters do you trust more: your local newspaper’s or your local TV stations’?
We don't have a 'local TV station' that covers my city, and the area (i.e., county) papers' news coverage is pretty much a joke. I trust the publisher of the local (i.e., city) paper because I know here and go to church and Bible Study every week with her. At the risk of sounding completely unable to make a decision, I trust the papers a helluva a lot more than the local blog "news" guys, one of whom is a definite crank while the other one is full of conspiracy crap. I don't watch Nearest Giant City TV news, except occasionally the weather. [OK, I watched the NGCTV anchors on New Year's Eve, but that was purely because I wanted to see who got inappropriate first. I wasn't disappointed.] Oh, the local city paper did do a serious hatchet job on the children's librarian about 4 years ago--except that the reporter had actually spoken to me and totally took everything I said out of context. That was a fun month. I hate to say it, but I don't pay a lot of attention to the news from traditional outlets as they have shown time and again that much more attention is on drivel and sensation than on anything of import.
5. R is for ROBOT: If science provided a practical robot to take care of chores around the house, would you be interested, or would you prefer doing it yourself?
I hate housework, so bring on the robots! We already have a Roomba, which is awesome. The biggest improvement on it would be to make it self-cleaning, though. THAT is a pain!
6. R is for RUDE: When you encounter what you consider is rude customer service, are you more likely to contact the manager on site or call the corporate office?
I'm most likely to never shop there again. Truthfully, people aren't all that friendly at the stores around here, so I try to keep my interactions with staff to the barest minimum. After years of getting irate virtually every time I went to any store in the area, bad behavior has to be pretty egregious for me to even notice. And the two times I've talked to a manager, nothing changed; in fact, the manager was the worst part of the issue in one case!

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Cathryn Smith said...

I've wondered about those Roombas! Do you feel it does a good job or do you have to go around after it is finished and get the corners and such?

Cat. said...

Keeping in mind that I have abysmally low standards...I love the Roomba. It does clear corners pretty well (unless the spinner falls off, which it tends to do), although it's more "blow out the cobwebs" that "pick up every crumb" clean. Also, we mostly have hardwood floors, or tile, so that may make difference.

The fact is, Roombas are never going to replace going over the floor with a "real" vacuum to get all the weird nooks & crannies in your house. ;-)

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