Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 Category Survey

[made here]

One - Facebook
1. How many status updates do you post a week? Far too many. Maybe 10-15, though it does depend on the week.
2. Are you unsubscribed from all your friends' comments and likes? What about people who post way too many statuses? Not all of them, but yeah a good percentage of them. What about people who post a lot of statuses? I move them to a different level of updates or block them for awhile if they annoy me. I did that a LOT during October and early November!
3. How many friends do you have? At this very moment, 301. It tends to wander around about 300 more or less, and I don't fret much if it goes down.
4. Do you add people you don't know? Nope. Well, there are several blog-friends I've never met IRL, but I know them well enough to friend them. I don't friend random people, not anymore. I did, briefly, for games...but that was a little too freaky for me.
5. Ever connected with a long lost friend or family member through Facebook? Uhm, yes. Many.
6. What do you think of people who have fake relationship statuses (like married to their best friend)? I am married to my best friend, asshole. It does concern me when I see people with sisters and brothers that are not family members, but I totally understand the reasoning.
7. What's your profile picture of? The top of my Christmas tree.
8. If your employer looked at your Facebook page, do you think they'd fire you? I try to keep it under control. We've all been warned by the City that Big Brother is watching.
9. Do you use any apps frequently? If so, which ones? GoodReads, Words with Friends, SimCity, SongPop, and there are a few others but they didn't pop up when I just checked.
10. Do you wish Facebook had a "dislike" button or would that cause too many arguments? Yeah, there's plenty of negativity in the world already, thanks. How lazy do you have to be to type "Dislike" or just "smh"??

Two - Music
1. Who's your favorite band? How long have they been your favorite? I've got a few favorites: U2, Melissa Etheridge, Joan Osborne, Nicole Mullen, Pink, Pet Shop Boys....
2. Do you have an iPod? What color is it and how many gigs? I do not.
3. Do you still buy CDs anymore? Why or why not? Yes, I do.
4. Do you listen to the radio often? Not if I can help it. I'd rather chew glass.
5. How loud do you listen to your music? Depends on the type of music. Fairly loudly, if it's needful.
6. Do you get annoyed when people try to get you to like their music, even though you've told them before that it's just not your thing? Well, if they're totally obnoxious, and serious about it, then yeah. But being given a sample or two is fine.
7. Last concert you were at? Was it good? Starship/Boston, last August. Unless you count the concert at our church last October, which was Alanna Story. They're very good.
8. How many band shirts do you own? Probably 5. One that fits. ;)
9. Who was your favorite band in elementary school? Do you still listen to them? The only song I remember being obsessive about in grade school was "Seasons in the Sun." And no, I'm pretty sure Terry Jacks is dead. I still like that song, but only on occasional play, not all the time.
10. Looking at your appearance alone, would people be surprised to learn that you listen to the music that you do (ex. do you dress goth but listen to country)? Could be. I suspect most people under about 25 or 30 would be surprised at how much I like Pink, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Eminem, and Maroon 5.

Three - Political This or That
1. Pro-life or pro-choice? Pro-choice.
2. Democrat or Republican (or independent or another party I suppose)? Democrat, or possibly further left.
3. Obama or Romney? Obama. Romney creeps me out...ok, actually, his wife creeps me out.
4. Pro-gay rights or anti-gay rights? Pro-rights. Which is probably as good a summation of my feelings on most issues where giving people rights doesn't take away mine. Or yours.
5. Separation of church and state or no? Separation.
6. Prayer in school, yay or nay? I have no problem with people praying in school. I do have a problem with people FORCING their prayers into my ears.
7. Unemployment should or shouldn't run out after a year? Depends on the situation, 100%.
8. Free healthcare (like in Canada), good or bad? It's not free, my friend, it's just that you don't pay when you are in desperate straits. And therefore, good.
9. Using the word "slut" against women-- okay or not okay? Not. Just, not.
10. Marijuana: should be legal or illegal? Legal. And taxed!!

Four - Colors
1. What color is your... car? Gray. BORING. Soon to be dark blue. Also, but not quite as, boring.
2. House? Sage green.
3. Room? French blue and sand.
4. Hair? Is it natural? Brown and white, and 100% real now.
5. Eyes? Hazel.
6. Favorite pair of shoes? K'boy boots. And most of the sandals I own.
7. Desktop background? Mighty Mouse, centered (on this computer). At work, I have rotating pics.
8. Favorite color? Blue. Deep sky blue.
9. Cellphone case? I don't really have a case per se; it's called a 'BodyGlove' and there's a screen-protector over the front.
10. Rug in your room? Throw rugs.

Five - Hygiene
1. How often do you brush your teeth? Y'know, oddly in the past year or so, I've only been brushing at bedtime after 40+ years of morning+night. Hasn't seemed to affect my dental health.
2. Wash your hair? 3-4 times a week.
3. Take showers? Pretty much daily, unless I take a bath.
4. Favorite toothpaste? These days, Sensodyne, but I really like the taste of Crest best.
5. Do you shampoo twice in a row or just once? Just once.
6. How long do you keep your nails? Pretty short. I have ugly nails.
7. Last time you got a hair cut? Around 12/20 or so.
8. How long are your showers? Less than 10 minutes, especially this time of year. Brrrrrrrr........
9. Last time you took a bath? Last week. Or, actually, over the weekend.
10. Favorite perfume? VS.

Six - Cellphone
1. What kind if phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy IIIe.
2. Can you live without it? Sure, but I'd be crabby.
3. Does your phone have internet and apps and all that fun stuff? Yes.
4. What's your phone's wallpaper? A picture I took in November of the sun setting over the Pacific behind my wine glass.
5. What's your ringtone? Sparky & Beast are "The Sweetest Thing." Most of my family is Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto. Default is Worf saying "Incoming message."
6. Do you text or talk more? Text. No contest.
7. Most used app? Weather, clock, Facebook.
8. What color is it (without case)? Black. I think.
9. Does it have a QWERTY keyboard? On-screen only.
10. Does it have auto correct? I have it, but I don't use it.

Seven - Names
1. What's a name you like beginning with... J? Josephine.
2. B? Brad
3. R? Renee
4. A? Alex
5. M? Michelle
6. V? Victor
7. Z? Zoe
8. Y? given the limited options available, Yuri, I guess
9. G? Greta
10. S? Sam

Eight - Numbers
1. How old are you? 49
2. How tall are you? 172 cm
3. How much do you weigh? Under 15 stone.
4. How many miles are on your car? I have no idea, maybe 100,000?
5. How many hours of sleep do you usually get a night? I aim for 7.
6. What's the last four digits of your phone number? The phone number in my house when I was a kid was -5420.
7. Do you know your social security number by heart? Yes. Yes, I do.
8. What's the age difference between you and your sibling(s)? My oldest sister is 20 years old than me. My brother is ten years older than me. My deceased sisters fell between those two. I was a 'surprise.'
9. What grade are you in (or year in college)? I'm nearing 50, working full-time, and the only time I enter a school is to volunteer.
10. What year were you born? The same year George Wallace became governor of Alabama.

Nine - Do You...
1. Go tanning? No. I'm a pale-skinned northern-European-based person. UV rays are not my friend. And neither is the color orange.
2. Wear makeup? Nope.
3. Own more than 2 pairs of high heels? Yes. I'm kind of a shoe whore.
4. Like pizza? Yum, yes.
5. Have a pet? We have two guinea pigs. I guess they aren't really Sparky's anymore....
6. Like meat? To eat? Yes.
7. Read often? Every day.
8. Stay up all night on Facebook or Tumblr? Uhm, no. How about "fallen aleep with laptop on lap?"
9. Have a savings account? Yes.
10. Have a credit card? Yes.

Ten - What's Your Opinion On...
1. Vegetarianism: Whatever you want, but give me a clue of what I'm supposed to feed you, or plan to feed yourself.
2. Strippers: If this is what you want to do with your life, then go nuts. However, I think guys who become very well-known at strip clubs are pathetic and gross.
3. Immigration: I'm fer it. I wish we could trade some non-Americans for some of our idiots.
4. Piercings and tattoos: Whatever. You're going to regret it, or at least some of it. And don't get all stroppy if people stare; what the hell do you expect?
5. College: Everyone should live away from home for a couple of years. College is, theoretically, easier than the Marines.
6. Minimum wage: Sad. Meaningless.
7. The last book you read: The last one I finished was The Picture of Dorian Gray but I started it at some point in the summer. The last book I read recently was They Old Gray Wolf (Doss). Good book.
8. This survey: Aside from the occasional teeny-bopper question, not bad.
9. The drinking age: I think it should be 18, same as voting and enlisting. Or raise those.
10. The Beatles: Great band, changed popular music in what was really a very short time. The wrong ones are dead.

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