Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday 9

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Brand New Me

1) It's a brand new year! Do you have any resolutions for 2013?
Nope. I don't really do resolutions. I do need to stop eating stuff that is bad for me, though, which is more of a recognition that I'm not 20 anymore than a resolution.
2) Dusty Springfield sang of feeling "brand new." What leaves you feeling refreshed and/or rejuvenated?
A good night's rest, a shower or bath, getting something major accomplished, that sort of thing.
3) Dusty's given name was Mary Catherine. If you could give yourself a brand new first name, what would it be?
I have come to appreciate and even like my first name. Ironically, I used to want to be called Sam. If pressed, I wouldn't mind being a Jo.
4) Actor Billy Bob Thornton has dismissed antiques, saying, "I'm creeped out by old stuff." Do you ever shop at estate sales, yard sales or second-hand stores? Or do you want everything brand new?
I'm pretty creeped out by Billy Bob, who isn't exactly a spring chicken himself. And I do like older stuff that's in good shape, much better than new stuff that costs the moon and falls apart tomorrow. Having said that, I don't shop in second-hand stores very often because of the dust factor, I don't go to yard sales because they are mostly full of junk (or things I have literally NO need for, e.g., kids' toys), and I don't go to estate sales because they depress the hell out of me.
5) Are you sad to see the holiday decorations slowly disappear until next year? Or do you think they should come down on January 2?
I think they should come down on Epiphany or thereabouts. My mom was a big believer in January 1 being the clean-up day, but that's mostly a carry-over from having a real tree slowly turning into a fire hazard. Ours is still up. Maybe we'll get it all down and put away this weekend...we'll see. As for outdoor stuff, I'm fine with the lights staying up for awhile; it's too cold around here in January and February (usually) to ask people to crawl around on their roofs and wade through snow to collect everything.
6) Do you like the picture on your photo ID?
I actually do, even though my hair is quite different now.
7) Crazy Sam shudders at the very thought of a snake. Which is your least favorite member of the Animal Kingdom?
I do NOT like maggots, or other creepy-slimy things like leeches and snails. Snakes, not being slimy, do not bother me much, especially around here where none of them is poisonous. And kinda weirdly, I love earthworms.
8) What's the most recent magazine you flipped through?
Booklist, December 15 issue. At work. For the reviews.
9) Do you have nice handwriting?
If I slow down, then yes. My usual scrawl, however, is far from attractive. It is, however, almost always semi-legible, which is more than I can say for at least two people with whom I work.

3 sweet-talkers :

I am Harriet said...

Billy Bob is kind of creepy.

Have a great rest of your Saturday!

The Gal Herself said...

I, too, like your answer about Billy Bob. And I agree, it's hard to work up any affection for maggots.

Kwizgiver said...

Just the word Maggots creeps me out.

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