Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Queen's Meme

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The Blog Blizzard Meme

1. An unexpected blizzard occurs. The power goes out for 10 days. There is no food in the house, no gas in the car, no heat, no TV, no computer, nada! You are snowed in and can't get to the store for supplies. How would you survive? How would you get out of this mess?
We have water stored. We have a fireplace with enough wood to keep us warm for several days. We have LOTS of blankets. And, trust me, there's ALWAYS food in my house! lol To be honest, we lost power often enough that we've worked through this whole situation for shorter durations.
2. Tell us about your last snowball fight.
I haven't done this in decades. The one snowball fight I remember involved a rock inside the snowball that hit me on the neck. Not a fan.
3. You have been asked to make a snowman. What is his name?
I don't think I've ever named a snowman. I have a hard time with naming ANYthing.
4. I have mountains of snow outside my door. I would like to make snow soup. What is the recipe?
Like in Stone Soup, bring in the snow and invite neighbors over with ingredients for the rest of it.
5. It is Day 5 of the Big Blog Blizzard. You have been hunkered down for a very long time and in danger of losing your sanity. Your blog neighbors (that would be us) come callin' to see if you're OK. We peek in the window. What do we see? What are you doing in there?
Seriously? I'm under several blankets, wearing multiple layers of clothing, as close as I can safely be to the fireplace. Maybe reading a book. Luckily, there's never a shortage of those around here!
6. Who is the flakiest snowflake in your life? Past or present.
Annie. Hands down. I love her, but she is known for being a ditz, as well as a very lovely human being.
7. You are Snow White. Which dwarf is your favorite and why?
Sleepy. I can relate.
8. What is the most fun you've ever had inside during a snowstorm?
It probably wasn't when I had chicken pox in kindergarten during a 3-day blizzard including power outages.... When it's snowing, I mostly just sit inside trying to ignore it.
9. What was Jack Frost nipping at?
Traditionally, my nose. And yeah my nose does get VERY cold in the winter. Every morning in the winter I wake up to a freezing cold nose.
10. Due to blobal warming (that's blog + global for all you non-blog speakers) your snowman has prematurely melted. What was his last request?
"Make me into Snow Soup!"

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