Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday 5

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I came up with this week’s questions by typing the 5 Ws, one at a time, into Google and letting it suggest something interesting (or at least not a yes-no question). I’ve put the incomplete part of each query in bold {ed. I turned them red} you so you can see what I had to do to get the question. In four cases I changed the question’s point of view so [you] is the subject and not [I] or [we]. This may be a flop but I thought it was an interesting concept.
  1. Who do you look like?
    My father's family has very strong genes: three of the five kids look like his side. The other kids don't, which we've always taken to mean that they resemble Mom's side. Apparently, my brother has turned into the uncle he's named for, so there's that!
  2. What bit you?
    Nothing, recently, thank the good Lord!
  3. When are you due?
    NEVER, EVER, ASK THIS QUESTION! I have actually been asked this multiple times, often when I was not pregnant.
  4. Where have all the flowers gone?
    Young girls have picked them, every one. Also, it's August/September and almost all the blooms are on their way out.
  5. Why don’t you?
    Because I'm chicken.

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onebadscrivener said...

I am appalled by the number of women who've told me people have asked them when they're due! Don't people have any brains at all? I'm waiting for the right person and the right situation to ask it when someone tells me she's flying in for a weekend. :)

Cat. said...

There was a guy in a mental-health intervention/training course with me a few years ago (I was there with my boss, who is male). This guy was super-fun and seemed a really good guy. Right at the end he asked one of the presenters when she was due.
My boss said later that my head hit the table in front of my with an audible thump that went nicely with the gasp of horror I'd emitted. I think my boss now knows--if he didn't before--NEVER ASK THIS QUESTION!!

She wasn't pregnant.

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