Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday 5

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  1. What was the last item you returned or exchanged at a store?
    I can't even tell you when I would have done this. I literally NEVER do this, especially at brick-and-mortar stores; too much hassle. I think I have sent stuff back that was mail-ordered, though. Just nothing recent.
  2. When did you last leave the house and then turn right back around and go back inside?
    I'm sure it was this week sometime. I do this all the time. My mother used to tell me I'd go off without my head screwed on if it weren't attached.
  3. What’s the latest you’ve ever returned a library book?
    Months. And yes, I work in a library, so I seriously have NO EXCUSE! 😏
  4. What location among places you’ve traveled would you most like to see again?
    I would love to go back to Ydra. I'd move to Ouray in a hot minute if I could. I would like to see Russia in summertime.
  5. What’s an unlikely movie sequel you’d like to see?
    I think we've had enough sequels. I'd like something original.

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onebadscrivener said...

I never return or exchange anything either! But then several years ago, a friend gave me season 1 of Will and Grace on DVD, and for some reason that show never stuck with me when it was on (the first time). And it was from Best Buy, a store with a million things I want. So yeah. :)

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