Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday 9

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Start Me Up (1981)
... because Kwizgiver recommended The Rolling Stones
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) That's a goat wearing a high heel [on the cover]. What's on your feet as you answer these questions?
Skin. Nails. Nail polish. Calluses. I'm not even doing a toe ring this summer!
2) More fashion: In the video for this song, Mick is wearing white pants with an elastic waistband. Are you wearing a belt as you answer these questions?
Nope, I'm rocking the elastic waistband myself, in shorts.
3) In this song, Mick pleads, "Don't make a grown man cry." When is the last time you shed a tear?
This week. One of my favorite patrons got himself arrested Wednesday; he's still in the county hoosegow as I write this. :'(  He's the same (approx) age as my son, and his nickname among staff is Lucky Charms--he's adorable and leprechaun-looking, and obviously comes from a giant train-wreck of a family... sigh.
4) Keith Richard has said this is a song he could play "forever and ever." What in your life doesn't get old, no matter how often you do it?
Listening to baby giggles (or, really, any giggles) and good food are the two things that came to mind first.
5) While The Rolling Stones enjoy performing songs, like this one, from Tattoo You, Mick Jagger has dismissed the songs from their 1967 album Their Satanic Majesties Request as "rubbish." Do you have a favorite Rolling Stones song?
I really can't stand the Rolling Stones, but I do like "Honky Tonk Women," though mostly because it doesn't sound like them.
6) This recording of "Start Me Up" features a cowbell. Do you remember which Saturday Night Live host made, "More cowbell!" a catchphrase?
Yes I do. And I remember the skit all too well. I'm not a huge fan of Will, but he has his moments.
7) Bassist Bill Wyman once said he thought he should have been a archivist because he loved to make lists. Do you have a to-do list?
I've stopped writing them down because the list is so freakin' long it depresses me. Today's (mental) list includes figuring out where all of us (two nephews, a niece and her family, Beast, me, the nephews' dad and maybe Sparky) are meeting for brunch tomorrow, doing a trip to Aldi's/Walgreens/post office today for various things (they're all in the same general area in town), and finishing laundry. Guess I should consider making dinner too... and putting away the dishes in the dishwasher. Somehow, I suspect Bill's lists are far more interesting than mine.
8) Mick finds it hard to stand still when he sings, not only on stage but also in the studio. The engineer for this song reports that Mick would have to run across the room to get back to the microphone for his vocal. Are you more fidgety, or still?
This explains why Mick weighs 38 lbs. in this video, and probably IRL today. I'm generally a sit-still person. All those admonitions from my mom to be so have sunk in.
9) Random question: Do you believe men are inherently more sensible than women?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... No. And for sure not in my gene pool. The men in my family--those with whom I share a bloodline--are ALL very much goofballs.

7 sweet-talkers :

The Gal Herself said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your young friend.

Kwizgiver said...

My mouth dropped open to see you don't like the Stones!

Stacy said...

Sorry about that young man. I wish arrests was all it was around here. Heroin has such a hold on our area...there were 3, THREE!, overdose deaths in just our small town last week. :( We have plenty of arrests and crime going on, too. Sigh.

Cat. said...

Gal, I can't even do an inmate search today--the site is down.

Kwiz, as mine dropped to see you DO! :-)

Zippi Kit said...

Listening to and watching babies is never going to get old with me, either.
Hope the young man is out and gets some help instead of just being thrown right back into whatever got him into trouble.

Cat. said...

Stacy, there's barely any doubt in my mind that this is somehow drug-related. We're in a bad way right now here as well. We've had three drug-related shootings this summer. (this guy isn't involved in that tho)

Zip, his family is a mess. I hope he comes back to the library and knows that we missed him. Now I need some Baby Therapy!! :)

JLS Hall said...

Honky Tonk Women! I forgot about that one. Another favorite.

"Baby giggles" is such a lovely, sweet answer to that question!

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