Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday 9

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The Heat of the Moment (1982)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) What's something you did or said "in the heat of the moment?"
All kinds of stupid stuff. I did a shot of 150-proof vodka on an empty stomach in college, back when I still weighed less than 125 lbs. I then chugged a full can of Coke (with sugar) to counteract the effects (because, college kids are SMART). About 2 hours later, I was pretty drunk, but the guy who dared me to do the shot originally decided to do one. Within half an hour he was in the dorm bathroom bringing up the last day's worth of food. I was fine, didn't even know he was sick till the next day.
2) Asia's founder and bass player, John Wetton, passed away in January. One of his bandmates remembered him as a reliable performer who made everyone around him look better. Do you enjoy being the center of attention? Or would you, like Mr. Wetton, prefer to play a supporting role?
I'm a supporting character.
3) Asia is a British band who played their first US concert at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. The nearest major city -- Ottawa, Canada -- is a 90-minute drive from Potsdam. When you were last in the car for an hour or more? Where were you going?
I took myself on a getaway weekend last month about two hours from here. I actually know someone in Potsdam; thus, I have zero interest in ever being in her vicinity.
4) The song refers to disco hot spots, which apparently, by 1982, no one wanted to go to anymore. Let's make that negative into a positive. Describe your perfect night out with friends. Where would you go?
I wouldn't go out. Or I'd go to one of their homes.
5) In 1982, the year this song was popular, someone laced bottles of Tylenol with cyanide. That's why we now have tamper-proof caps on many products. Have you used anything in a tamper-proof bottle yet today?
Nope. I was a freshman in college for this Tylenol thing. I remember signs up EVERYWHERE on campus about not taking Tylenol. I still have a moment when I open a new bottle. Today, though, I haven't opened anything at all.
6) In 1982, Time Magazine's Person of the Year wasn't a person at all, it was "the computer." What do you use your computer for most often?
Facebook, Twitter, this, email at home. Everything I do at work is online, so....
7) 1982 also saw the premiere of The Weather Channel. Where do you learn the day's weather forecast? (Watching the local news on TV, checking your phone, looking out the window ...)
Looking out the window and/or checking the phone/computer.
8) In 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie, Conan the Barbarian, was a hit in theaters. When you settle down to watch a movie, is it usually a fantasy, like Conan? Or do you prefer another genre (action, comedy, adventure, romance, drama, classic ...)
I prefer comedy, but not stupidity.
9) Random question: What is something you try to avoid?
Work. Pain. Allergens. Ignorance.

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The Gal Herself said...

I was at the Civic Opera House the night the Tylenol case broke. I don't remember what we saw, but it was a benefit performance and Mayor Jane Byrne was the hostess and she was supposed to bookend it -- introduce it and then thank us for coming and ask us to perhaps give a little more to whatever cause. ANYWAY, we could tell as she welcomed us that suddenly suits were eagerly awaiting for her offstage and they whisked her out. We didn't see her at the end as promised. The next morning, the Tylenol story was all over the news. It was intense!

Cat. said...

Wow, Jane Byrne. FLASHBACK!! :)

Zippi Kit said...

Uncut vodka kills! I'm so glad you drank that coke.

Cat. said...

Heh, well, considering I'd just come back from Russia and we were in Wisconsin (where beer IS officially what comes out of taps--ok, not really)......I wasn't in danger of dying from a shot. Craig, though, apparently was.

Stacey Schneller said...

I am the same way when the comes to comedy movies. I am not much for the stupidly in a comedy movie.

How you have a great day.

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