Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday 9

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Take My Breath Away (1996)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When were you last breathless?
Probably the last time I did anything strenuous. I can't remember.
2) This is the love theme from Top Gun, and the romance was between a pilot and his instructor. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Oh yeah, for sure, starting in about 6th grade.
3) The pilots in Top Gun all had cool nicknames -- including Maverick, Goose, Merlin, Cougar and Stinger. Give yourself a cool pilot name.
Well, let's see: playing off "Goose"--How about "Duck."
4) The actress who played the instructor, Kelly McGillis, owns Kelly's Caribbean Bar/Grill and Brewery in Key West. It's known for its cheese and beer dip appetizer, served with warm pretzels. What's one of your favorite between meal snacks?
I'm not overly fussy; I've been trying to stick to somewhat healthy stuff like applesauce and almonds, but...not very successfully.
5) The group who recorded this week's song is called Berlin, but they're really from Southern California. Have you ever been to Berlin? How about Southern California?
I have not been to Berlin. I would like to visit some of the historical sites there, but I'm not sure when that's on the agenda at this point. I've been to SoCal several times. There's a lot to see. I'd happily force myself to live in or near San Diego. Beautiful city.
6) Lead singer Terri Nunn has a weekly radio show, Unbound on KCSN. How often do you listen to the radio? Do you tune in for music, comedy, news or talk?
I listen to Sirius XM if I have the radio on, but that's rare. I mostly listen to audiobooks or silence or Spotify.
7) In 1986, when this song was popular, PeeWee's Playhouse premiered. While ostensibly for children, PeeWee Herman's show had many, many adult viewers. Do you watch still watch any kid's shows?
I don't these days, no. I watched so many when Sparky was little that I think I'm covered until the appearance of any grandchildren.
8) Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward the vampire in the Twilight series, was born in 1986. Have you read the Twilight books? Seen the movies?
I read the first book. OMG so much drama and stupidity and poor writing!
9) Random question: In an alternate universe, which of these professions would you like to find yourself in -- United States senator, Ivy League professor, or [e]minent psychiatrist?
Probably a prof, though not likely in the Ivy League.

8 sweet-talkers :

Zippi Kit said...

San Diego is rather nice but pick a place like Carlsbad or San Marcos. I'd love to live there. The ocean is closer to them, thus it's cooler in summer. Nearly everything here is in the high six figures, though. Bring lots of $$$$ to the realty. These prices drove nearly all the second gens out.
Prof at Harvard or Penn might be nice, but I'd rather be at MIT. 🤓

Kwizgiver said...

I read the Twilight books so I could relate to my fangirl students. I never told them how poorly written I thought they were.

Stacy said...

Yes! Someone who tells it like it is for the Twilight books. They are all you mentioned and really, sparkly vampires? Not to mention, I don't get the fuss...they are all pasty and anorexic and dead-ish. How is that sexy??

Cat. said...

Zippi--the only way I'll ever live in SD is if I win the lottery (which I never play) or join the ranks of the homeless and gravitate out there for the weather. :)

KG--that's why I read what I did, but I'm afraid it didn't really help, though at least I could explain why they were wrong.

Stacy--I get how cool it is to live like 1000 years with no appreciable aging, but then I also get how boring living that long would be. And most people are NOT sexy, so the likelihood of vampires being sexy isn't that high. ;-)

The Gal Herself said...

"Duck" is a great pilot name.

I've tried to go healthy with snacks, too. Like apple sauce or breakfast cereal. But I lack discipline.

CountryDew said...

I tend to listen to silence a lot, although it's not exactly quiet - clocks tick, my fingers click the keyboard, the air purifier turns itself on every so often. I find those noises soothing.

Diana_CT said...

I listen to Sirius XM also but I found a place on the internet to listen to Old Time Radio for free.

Cat. said...

DIANA! You're the best--thank you!

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