Monday, November 7, 2016

I have very strange dreams

(Found here)

1. What was the last thing you ate, and why? I had a bowl of leftover mac n cheese about 20 minutes ago. Still working on my (first?) glass of wine in eons.

2. What was the last thing you drank, and why? Oops, see above.

3. How many tabs do you have open? What are they? A lot: Inoreader, Blogger, Gmail, Facebook, Bombas (socks), Bobcat in a Box (Xmas gift for Sparky), a list of Fbk emojis, Facebook Editor, a beauty salon I was checking for Fbk Ed, GoodReads, National Archives Catalog login page, Google docs, one specific GDoc, TinyURL, AND Gun Violence Archive. And a Notepad doc. Pretty much the usual here at home.

4. What browser do you prefer to use? Chrome as much as I can. I have to use Firefox for cataloging though.

5. What are five random things on your desk besides any computer related items? I'm on the couch. Starting at my right...on the couch are a box of Kleenex, a couch pillow, a bowl and spoon, a journal, a notebook, a devotions book, Did You Ever Have a Family, a bag of almonds, a folder for the place Beast is spending the next month, last week's EW, my bluetooth mouse, nail clippers, nail file and a throw. On the table next to me: lotion, a Christmas Cracker crown, my wine glass, two coasters, two rings, my phone, two pens, info about tomorrow's election, a statement from the credit union because I have a question, an empty pilsner glass (Dr. Pepper), store coupons, my glucometer and notebook, J.R.R. Tolkien's Beowulf a hot pad, a bowl and spoon, a fortune cookie fortune, and a hairband. And the TV remote is around here somewhere. It sounds like mayhem doesn't it? ...sigh

6. What room are you in right now? Living room.

7. What color are the walls and floor in that room? Walls are pale green, floor is wood laminate in a medium oak shade.

8. Name the item closest to you that is...:
-orange: The ...Family book has an orange cover. And my PJ pants are orange-and-blue plaid.
-yellow: Yellow pen from my grad school.
-green: Quite a lot of green: couch pillow, throw, cover of the folder and Beowulf's cover.
-blue: Those pants mentioned above, one of the pens, the cover of the notebook, part of the lotion bottle.
-purple: THERE IS NO PURPLE in this room! How the hell did that happen!?
-pink: Pink stripes on my shirt. Yes, I'm quite randomly colorful today.
-white: The bowls are white, most of the paper is white, the Kleenex, the rest of the lotion bottle, the face of the remote, the screen of the laptop.
-gray: The rest of my shirt, my hair....
-brown: My phone case, some of the papers, part of the couch pillow, the whole damn couch!
-black: My phone, the keys on the remote, my glocometer case, the laptop, the mouse, the rings on the notebook.
-silver: Both of the rings on the table, the nail file and clippers, the spoons, parts of the pens.
-gold: The rings on my hand, the wine (well, more yellow-white, but I'm going with gold here ok?!).

9. Out of all the things you listed above, which is your favorite? Gotta go with the laptop.

10. What kind of chair are you sitting in? I'm on the couch with the footrest up.

11. Where would you prefer to be right now? I'm giddily happy to be right here, alone, for the first time in eons for the immediate future. Hurrah.

12. Do you have any plans this weekend? I'll be at church most of the day Saturday for Operation Christmas Child packing. Then Sunday, I'm back there for Sunday School and packing out those boxes for shipment. Then I'm on my way to visit Beast for a few hours.

13. Are you excited for anything this month? My birthday's coming up. It looks like a very low-key birthday situation, but I'll celebrate on my own terms.

14. What is the date today? Feb. 7, 2016.

15. Is there anything special about today? Aside from it being a landmark day for Beast, not for me/us.

16. How are you physically feeling right now? Pretty good. A little hungry. VERY warm, considering the time of year and the lack of heat on in the house!

17. How are you emotionally feeling right now? I'm kind of wobbly, a little concerned about ...things, but overall ok.

18. Have you ever traveled outside of your home country? A few times. koff

19. Can you speak/read/write in another language besides English? I can write and read in Spanish. I don't speak so well.

20. What language course did you take in school, if any? I started Spanish in 7th grade and continued with it through a minor in college.

21. What language would you most like to learn? Greek.

22. What grade are you in right now? I'm not currently a student in a graded classroom.

23. What would you like to get a degree in? Have considered, for decades, going to seminary. Getting there, finding time to study, etc., has been prohibitive.

24. What was you dream job when you were a little kid? I just wanted to be grown up and taken seriously. Had I but known.... There was a recurring fantasy of being a writer.

25. What happened to that dream? Laziness happened.

26. Speaking of dreams, when was the last time you had a sleeping dream and what was it about? I had a weird dream this morning about renting a house with a bunch of family members including a very young Sparky.

27. Do you have more nightmares or good dreams? I have very strange dreams. Sometimes they're intensely stressful, but very rarely nightmares.

28. Do you wake up a lot in the middle of the night? Every . Damned . Night.

29. Can you sleep comfortably in another bed besides your own? I'm so much better about this than I was when I was younger. I'm just tired ALL the time. I can sleep in my chair at work, for cryin' out loud!

30. What book are you reading? What genre is it? Do you like it so far? The two books mentioned above. Plus Deadly Stakes by J.A. Jance, A Sudden Light by Garth Stein, and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown

31. What genre of books do you like to read? History, mystery, literary, humor, some fantasy/SF, medical history.... Really, I read a lot of different stuff.

32. Do you prefer physical books or a Kindle/Nook/other e-reader? I read in the middle of the night on my Nook because I don't bother Beast as much, but overall I still like my paper books.

33. Did you ever sometimes flip through your text books, even when you didn't need to? Uh? I usually was supposed to read my textbooks, so yeah this makes no sense.

34. What types of magazines do you read? E Weekly, Ms., and that's about it. I've gone off magazines in a big way.

35. Have you ever ordered anything through a catalog? Well, pre-internet that was pretty much the way to go, right?

36. Would you prefer to read a book, watch a movie/TV show, or play a video game? Depends on how much I want to work. If I'm just tired, I'd rather stare at the tube or the 'puter. Generally, though, I prefer reading.

37. What are five of you favorite TV shows? Criminal Minds on reruns, NCIS, NCIS: NO, NCIS: LA, Whose Line Is It?.

38. How often would you say you watch TV? When Beast is around it's always on. I've had Discovery Life on for a couple of hours while I did paperwork and ate dinner and while I'm doing this. It's going off shortly so I can work on some more Beowulf, soon.

39. Do you prefer to watch movies at home or to go out to the theater? Usually at home if anywhere, but I'm treating myself to at least one movie this week.

40. What is the last movie you watched at home? What about at the theater? I have no idea. I don't really watch the movies Beast chooses to be honest. It's just background noise. At the theater, I'm pretty sure it was the latest Star Trek flick.

41. Do you usually get popcorn or soda at the movie theater? Yup, and candy.

42. What genre of films do you like the best? Honestly, I like documentaries and historical stuff best. There's not a lot of play for those around here though.

43. Do you like movies based off of books? If I haven't read the book, I'm usually ok. Often the movie is not very true to the book though, which frustrates me.

44. Do you like video games based off of movies? I don't play too many of those sorts of video games anymore.

45. What was the last video game that you played? I guess that would be "Fives" on my phone.

46. What genre of video games do you enjoy the most? I like puzzle games.

47. Which is your preferred video game system? Either my laptop or my phone/Nook.

48. Do you like playing online with other people? Not particularly.

49. How often would you say you play video games? I play on my Nook every night to settle down, but otherwise, rarely.

50. Now that this survey is done, what are you going to do? Turn off the TV, replenish my wine, and crack open medieval poetry in blessed silence and peace. [Maybe I'll clean the couch and table off first....]

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