Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday 5

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Sights Seen
  1. What’s the tourist attraction nearest you that most people from other places are aware of?
    Uhm. Nearest is probably either a train museum or a clock museum. Or a lake and resort community. I'm not giving anything else away since I'd like to stay fairly hidden.
  2. What’s a tourist attraction you’ve visited that was better than you expected?
    I really loved Little Bighorn Battlefield. I had no expectations for it to be much of anything, but it hit me really hard for some reason. It's the one place in this country that commemorates the original people taking back their land from thieves, even if only for a short time.
    Also, quite honestly, the cities of Irkutsk and St. Petersburg were surprisingly lovely though very different.
  3. What’s a tourist attraction you’ve visited that was disappointing?
    I don't think I ever need to go back to Yellowstone. Too many people about 50% of whom are morons.
  4. What’s a tourist attraction you’re still hoping to visit?
    The Pyramids of Giza. Closer to home, Cahokia Mounds.
  5. Excluding restaurants, what tourist attraction you’ve visited had the best food and the best gift shop?
    The British Museum has good both. I'm kind of drawing a blank on anything in this country unfortunately. OH! Lincoln's home in Salem, IL, has good food for sale (syrup, etc.) in their rather tiny gift shop. Lots of good other stuff too.

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Zippi Kit said...

My comments are back on mods, too.
I think the whole country around Little Big Horn as many ghosts. It is a sacred land and has been held so, for many moons-so to speak, by the Native peoples.

Kwizgiver said...

I should make a plan to visit more Native American sites.

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