Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday 13

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Things Starting with L
(continuing a series started in 2010 with A)
  1. Lagging. I constantly feel tired. I'm lagging all over the place, both in the sense of being behind and in the sense of being slow.
  2. Leftovers. I just threw away half a casserole from 10 days ago. I'm so irritated that despite both of us being around, neither of us finished it. Plus, it left a trail of icky smell in the house when I carried it outside. Yuck.
  3. Loose ends. I'm not sure what I ought to be doing instead of this, but I know that it involves cleaning. Floors, kitchen, cobwebs in corners, something....
  4. Land. This time of year, this part of the world is beautiful. The fields are mostly harvested now, the trees are approaching the full color spectrum, and the weather.
  5. Light. On the other hand, I'm not loving the increasingly short days. It's just getting darker and darker....sigh. I'm not ready for winter, this year.
  6. "Lovely." The British version of "That's nice." I still am catching myself saying that when people tell me something that I'm not really interested in knowing.
  7. Legal issues. Continued worrying, on Beast's part mostly, about why our state followed through on something from another state that is in the process of being thrown out of court in the original venue.
  8. Library. Well really, I pretty much have to mention this. Perhaps now is a good time to confess that I seem to have misplaced the latest Harry Potter book somewhere just as I got to the last 50 pages. I'm sure(is) that it is somewhere in the house, though that's not narrowing it down much.
  9. Love . Another one that has to be on the list. I feel so fortunate to have the people around me that I do. They didn't "just happen" to be there, and I'm unwilling to take credit for thinking ahead to create such an awesome support system. Also, I really really love Sparky. He's such a great guy.
  10. Luggage. So, if I never put away suitcases, does that mean vacation never technically ends? OK, seriously, I need to just bite the bullet and put away all the crap including The Bag of Liquids and all the brochures that I picked up.
  11. Lean on me. Beast had another 30-minute trip up the stairs to bed an hour or so ago. His back is SO bad again. Very discouraging. He can't feel his hands, and he can't feel his feet, so climbing stairs is tricky. Plus he's got "shooting" pains in his extremities, and nearly constant, 24-hour spinal pain. I'm living with an invalid who just refuses to admit the truth.
  12. Lyrics. Bob Dylan needs to come down off his high horse and just accept the damn award. He makes me so tired, honestly.
  13. Laughter. Truly is the best medicine. I really don't think I could make it through a day without finding something to laugh at. There is so much absurdity in the world. Like Bob Dylan blowing off the Nobel committee. lol

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