Sunday, October 2, 2016

Saturday 9

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The Last Time I Saw Him (1973)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Miss Ross sings of a tender farewell at the bus station. When did you last say goodbye to someone at an airport, dock, train or bus station?
I can't even remember. It was probably at the airport, but maybe at a train station. Weirdly, with all of our travels this year, we did no public goodbyes. Even dropping Sparky off the night before his flight was in his hotel room. There's just no place at airports anymore to properly say goodbye. Maybe it was Sparky's trip to Hawai'i a couple of years ago? We took him to the airport to meet his classmates to hit TSA as a group.
2) Continuing with the theme of "lasts," who received the last gift you gave?
My great-nephew J got a new book and money for a new car seat today.
3) Who last did you a favor?
Uhm...I can't remember. It happens TOO often!
4) What's the last thing you dropped or broke?
I couldn't find my car keys yesterday after loading the car for our trip to Homecoming. I ended up figuring they'd slid into a bag or something and I'd find them eventually, so I borrowed Beast's set of keys and off we went. Around the first corner there was a horrible scraping sound on the roof of the car...yep, my keys slid onto the road from the roof where I'd set them while loading stuff. Thank God for giant key rings!!
5) What's the last thing you borrowed or lent?
I probably borrowed a pen at some point this weekend.
6) When is the last time you danced?
This afternoon, actually, with my favorite dance partner: my great-nephew J.
7) When were you last nervous?
I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack almost all the time it seems. Yesterday as we left the reunion and I watch Beast evacuate his stomach in the parking lot. Or maybe Friday night after his meeting, trying to find him in the dark, in the rain, in a strange town.
8) What was your last DIY project?
The last big one we did was installing new faucets in bathroom and kitchen in July or August. The kitchen one needs to be re-tightened. Again. ...sigh
9) When did you last check your horoscope? Was it accurate?
I have no idea. It's not really something I do.

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Zippi Kit said...

I told DH that I was too nervous to be alive many times since we first met. I think it's a "sign of the times" that anxiety levels are so very high, and have been since the Vietnam War, apparently.

Kwizgiver said...

Glad you found your keys!

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