Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday 5

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  1. What’s something you’ve created while improvising in the kitchen?
    Aside from a giant pile of dishes to wash? I've made some decent baked chicken concoctions lately: chicken pieces plus spices plus marinade plus baking or frying. I may have finally gotten the hang of this cooking thing.
  2. In your work, how good are you at winging it?
    It's what I do every day. There's really no way to plan my workdays in a fixed way. I prefer a schedule, but...that is not always how things turn out.
  3. When you travel, how much of your trip do you make up as you go?
    I used to plan down to the minute. The trip we just returned from had the following agenda: "Go to rental house. Attend wedding. See family, esp. kids. Visit family at their homes after wedding. Play with kids. See some sights if there's time. Eat good food."
  4. How structured are your plans for this weekend?
    Holy sheet, we have an unbelievable weekend!! Tonight we each have a meeting to attend, half an hour apart, and one car. Tomorrow is Homecoming + college reunion day so we're headed up there, where we hope to also see Sparky. He just called. Because he works in catering on campus, he has worked 10-12 hour days yesterday & today, and will also work long hours tomorrow & Sunday. So, we might NOT see him at all except to wave.
    Anyway, we were also invited to a hayride tomorrow night--not gonna make that.
    On Sunday, Beast is in charge of the lights and sound booth at church on Sunday, and I teach Sunday School. And then as soon as church is over, we're off to a family birthday party for J. (below) who turned 1 last week. Then we come home and go to bed until I have to go to work Monday. Laundry? Cleaning? Groceries? Nope, not this weekend.
    Yes, this is his 'normal' hair!
  5. What’s something you’ve discovered while wandering around in your neighborhood?
    The first Halloween we lived here, Sparky was still (barely) young enough to Trick or Treat. I discovered that it's always uphill into the wind on the way back to our house, no matter which direction we're walking. Especially when it's cold outside, at night.

3 sweet-talkers :

Kwizgiver said...

J is adorable! Happy birthday to J!

Hope you have a great weekend--it's certainly going to be busy!

Kwizgiver said...

PS--how's the jet lag?

Cat. said...

I don't bounce back from jet lag as well as I used to. I think we're back on schedule, but we are just TIRED all the time!

He really is a pistol. I fear for the people around him once he's walking on his own........

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