Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hokey Pokey with the Queen

(From Mimi, The Queen of Everything)

1. Who should run for United States President in 2016?
I'm fine with Hillary. It's time, she's due. And as for the Repugs, well, they certainly have got what they "paid" for: divisiveness and hatred and low-wattage "intellect."
2. Have you ever gone to a party and snooped in the medicine cabinet?
I believe I have, once. Only once because it made me feel icky, so I've never done it again. Of course, this doesn't count if I'm actually looking for something I need, like toilet paper.
3. Why are Happy Meals happy?
Because they know they're going to kill you eventually.
4. Have you ever done the Hokey Pokey?
Uh, yeah, a few times. It was, literally, the only dance my dad knew how to do.
5. What song sticks in your head and drives you crazy?
I've got nothing stuck there now, which is nice. Often it's a random song I heard at work on Spotify, or (when I used the radio as an alarm clock) the song that woke me up. Katy Perry gets stuck too often, and P!nk. And hymns: most recently "Amazing Grace."
6. Do you dance like a lunatic around the house when no one is looking?
...I've been known to do this, yes. I grew up doing this in my living room, actually: put on a record and perform the whole thing in front of the living room window. Did I think no one could see in??
7. Have you ever been involved in a food fight?
I've been present for one. I don't think I participated in it. The mere thought of food on my clothes and in my hair makes me a little ill to be honest.

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Mimi Lenox said...

The thought of you dancing with your dad to the Hokey Pokey made me smile. What a great memory.

Dancing like a lunatic is a VERY sane and healthy thing to do. Even with the curtains open. Go on with your dancing self. Records! Yes, I remember the days....

So glad to see you doing the meme. Great answers!

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