Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday 5

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Down the Rabbit Hole
  1. What was the subject of one of your memorable YouTube holes?
    I don't really hang out on YouTube much. I can't even think of a time when I've gotten lost in watching videos.
  2. What was your most recent Wikipedia hole like?
    There was some question yesterday at work of who Lauren Conrad is, which then led me off to figure out what The Hills was, and then somehow I ended up looking at some old MTV info before remembering that I was supposed to be, y'know, working.
  3. What’s a recipe you got from the internet and actually prepared? How did it turn out?
    I've gotten a lot of recipes off the net. The last one that failed dramatically is the cornmeal mush one I found after we got back from our cruise. They had the BEST stuff for breakfast-omg so good--and the recipe I found was completely awful. I've found a better one, but I haven't made it yet because wow that last thing was horrible.
  4. What apparently little-known website do you enjoy?
    I visit a lot of niche sites. A lot. A long-time favorite is LanguageHat. I've been reading his stuff for a dozen years now. I also really love Separated By a Common Language.
  5. What apparently popular website can you just not get into?
    The vast vast majority. I've almost completely given up on Twitter, for instance. I never have understood the attraction of Instagram. Pinterest...haven't been over there in probably 18 months.

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