Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friday 5

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French Kissing
  1. What’s your favorite kind of French fry?
    Wendy's has this thing right now called Baconator fries. It's no stretch to say that I could live on them for the rest of my life, though I'd certainly die of a heart attack much younger than I otherwise would. But happy! I'd die HAPPY!
  2. Where can you get really good French toast?
    If you bring me Texas toast, I will knock your socks off here in my own kitchen. I don't make it very often--and come to think of it I'm not sure I have syrup--but I rock the French Toast-making.
  3. What are your feelings about French salad dressing?
    I'm decidedly not a fan. Though I prefer it to raspberry vinaigrette, which is all kinds of wrong. My parents, well, MOM did this thing with cauliflower and French dressing that That's all. Nope.
  4. What’s something you know how to say in French?
    "C'est moi", "Où et les WC?", "Merci", "Pardon", "Arrêtez!!" and all the lyrics to this album (though I've no idea a) if I'm singing them comprehensively, or b) what they mean.
    Oh, I guess I know Frère Jacques too.
  5. What French films have you seen?
    Uhm. I'd peg that at or about zero.

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