Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday 9

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As Long As You Love Me (1997)
... Because Bookstraveller suggested The Backstreet Boys. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This video shows the boys in the band nervously await an audition. When were you last nervous?
I'm not sure if it was nerves, but I was having a hard time all week getting a deep breath. And last night I was mega-worried about Beast when he went off to "find out about where to park" and didn't come back for over half an hour. [and because he parked in a hurry without checking carefully, the car was towed overnight]
2) BSB Brian Littrell was born with a congenital heart problem and had open heart surgery the year this song was released. Who is the last person you visited in the hospital?
Beast, about 11 days ago....
3) Littrell had different health trouble in 2009. While working in Japan, he contracted swine flu, which caused the band to cancel several events. Have you battled a cold or flu this summer?
Not yet. But my allergies have kicked in hard today. Seriously, massive doses of Benadryl. I'm so foggy from it, but my throat still itches.
4) When you feel a cold coming on, what's your favorite remedy?
Massive doses of Vitamin C as soon I start feeling crummy. And I sleep and drink lots of water.
5) Brian and his cousin, fellow BSB member Kevin Richardson, are both from Kentucky and have been inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. According to their website, if you tour the Hall of Fame you'll see exhibits that celebrate Kentucky's contribution to American music. Do you enjoy museums? Or do you think they're a snooze?
I love museums! We toured the historical museum on St. Kitt's while cruising--it's three rooms. Fascinating. And in Athens 15 years ago we took Sparky to the children's museum one day, and had a blast, despite no one speaking each other's language.
about 4 years ago
6) BSB Nick Carter was named one of People magazine's "Most Beautiful People in the World." Who is someone you think is especially gorgeous?
One of the girls in our former high school church group was (is) possibly the most attractive women I have ever met in my life. Tall--like 6'+--long blonde hair, thin, athletic .... AND SHE'S SUPER NICE! Great smile--yes, her tongue is sticking out here. Geez, I miss seeing her! It's good that her grandma--whom I see every week at church--looks like her. ;-)
7) This spring Nick became a father for the first time. Is anyone in your life expecting a baby this year?
No one in the family. I don't actually know if anyone I know well is pregnant.
8) The band has been involved in ongoing litigation with their first manager, saying he had been dishonest with them about how much they had earned. Tell us about someone you trusted, but shouldn't have.
Pretty much every single person at my workplace, at least from how my boss has spun it. All but one of my co-workers has been moved to "Acquaintances" in Facebook. It sucks because there are a couple of people there I really like and thought were friends first. Once I've been burned a few times, I do eventually learn.
9) The band's record-breaking 1999 tour was sponsored by the Sears department store chain. Sam remembers the twice-a-year shopping trips to Sears -- spring and fall -- with her mother to update Sam's school wardrobe. What's the last article of clothing you bought?
Hmm. Oh, I some underwear last month from VS. Nothing fun, don't get excited. Just the usual everyday equipment one needs to get through life.

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Kwizgiver said...

The next generation of my family (my nieces and nephews) are starting to have their own families. Babypolooza!

Cat. said...

Yeah, that is fun! From 9 in the niece/nephew generation, we've (so far) got 8 in the next line, and those are from only half the potential parents!

The Gal Herself said...

You're the second person this week to mention sleep as a remedy. Arianna Huffington has been talking about the restorative power of sleep, too. Maybe I ought to listen!

Zippi Kit said...

I understand your pain. Allergies are bad this year. I'm having one migraine after the other. Need to live in a bubble!
Museums are so much fun, and the chance to see so many interesting things, too. Love ours.

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