Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday 5

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Saturday Night’s All Right for Writing About
  1. What did a typical Saturday look like when you were a child?
    The schedule for me and mom was cleaning (and laundry for her) in the morning; I was meant to clean my room, thoroughly: dust, vacuum, tidy, hang up/put away clothes, etc. Once we all ate lunch, the afternoon usually involved shopping at the mall or yardwork, and at some point we usually hit the library. Please note: no cartoons.
  2. What did a typical Saturday look like when you were a teen?
    See above. The routine never changed, never varied. The only thing that changed was how late I could convince Mom I was "sleeping in"--usually reading in bed for a couple of hours till she came and rousted me.
  3. What does a typical Saturday look like now?
    Up until last year, for 25 years of my library career I worked every other Saturday (alternating with Fridays). So the weeks I work, I'm up and out by 7:45 a.m. The weeks I don't work, I try to sleep in, and then work on laundry. I don't spend the day cleaning, however. ;-) Nowadays, I only work about one Saturday a month; this month it's tomorrow.
  4. When did you last spend Saturday in a park?
    I'm pretty sure that hasn't ever happened, though we have had all-day kid things--robotics, swim meets, band competitions. I don't think I've ever spent an entire day in a park. At this point, I'm so allergic to virtually everything in local parks in the summer that it's not likely to ever happen, either.
  5. Do you prefer to get a holiday on Friday, Monday, or some day in the middle of the week?
    I'll take a holiday whenever it's handed out; I'm not fussy. ;-)

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Kwizgiver said...

Saturday morning was the only day my sisters and I could watch "what we wanted" on TV.

Zippi Kit said...

Saturday was a similar work day for me, too. It does train you, I s'pose...;-)

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