Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday 5

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Pounding the Pavement
  1. What was the occasion for your last going door-to-door?
    I can't even remember doing this in the past 10 years. Seriously, this is so not my thing; its probably been the last time Sparky did trick-or-treating with accompaniment, and he's 23 now....
  2. When did you last trip and fall?
    Ten days ago, Beast lost his balance and in the process of trying to keep him upright, we both tipped over in slo-mo and hit the floor. There was a blood (Beast), things falling on top of us (Beast's laptop), and a truly fabulous bruise on my left lower leg.
  3. When wandering about, where are you most likely to stop and take a photo of something?
    Depends on where I'm wandering. In cities, it would probably be some sort of architectural doodad, or if I was with someone else, them. Out in nature it would also be people, or close-ups of stuff, or views. Whatever.
  4. How safe do you feel walking around your neighborhood at night by yourself?
    Perfectly safe. The only danger is from raccoons or random kids.
  5. How do you feel about FitBit and other smart health gadgets?
    They are beyond annoying.

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