Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday 9

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Let's Dance (1983)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
In memory of David Bowie (1947-2016).

1) In this song, David encourages his partner to "put on your red shoes and dance." When did you last dance?
I car dance regularly, yesterday in fact. I zip around the kitchen to music whenever I'm cooking or doing dishes or otherwise involved in stuff there. Otherwise...a decade, I think. And I don't dance in red shoes, but prefer barefoot or stocking-footedness.
2) Mr. Bowie recalled that he and choreographer Toni Basil developed a dance step now known as "the moonwalk" for his 1974 tour, nearly a decade before Michael Jackson performed "Billie Jean." Can you think of something you should have gotten credit for, but didn't?
Tons of stuff. Someone this week came up with the amazing idea of an easy fix for a shelving problem that I've suggested since we had videotapes on the shelves. "What a great idea!!" Yeah whatever. Maybe we'll do it now that someone else came up with it.
3) Similarly, the band Roxy Music was upset because Bowie copied their "catsuit look" for his own stage wardrobe and made it famous. What do you usually wear, Monday through Friday?
"Business casual" the casual-er the better. T-shirts and jeans elevated by design or color or lack of commentary, and occasionally a scarf. And fun shoes.
4) David Bowie was particular about the aftershave he wore, and one of his favorites was by Guerlain. Do you regularly apply cologne or aftershave?
I wear perfume, yes. They stopped making my favorite 15 years ago--though I still have one or two secreted bottles--and I haven't ever really found a replacement I love. Maybe I should just go with a classic like Chanel No. 5.
5) In school, David's best subject was art. Think back to your own school days. In which class did you excel?
I was a good student across the board, though I had to try much harder in science and, eventually, math.
6) In addition to art and music, David Bowie displayed a keen head for business, leaving a fortune of more than $600,000,000. Would you describe yourself as "good with money?"
I'm good at being overwhelmed by financial planning decisions, so no.
7) Bowie also appeared in a variety of movies from The Man Who Fell to Earth to Zoolander. Who is your alltime favorite movie actor?
Hmm. That's a good question. If I'm only considering acting, not looks or persona or character, it's rather difficult. Will Smith maybe? He's done everything from comedy to historical to straight drama to Blow-'Em-Ups and he's good.
8) One of Bowie's hits is "Life on Mars." If you had the opportunity to travel into space, would you take it?
Damn straight! I'd be there in a heartbeat, peeing my pants out of fear, but totally going for it!!
9) The creators of SpongeBob Square Pants are huge Bowie fans and were thrilled when, in 2007, he appeared in an episode. Sam suspects that she may be the only person who hasn't seen that cartoon show. What about you? Have you ever watched an episode of SpongeBob, start to finish?
Sparky used to watch it when he was much younger, so yes. It's cute and silly and dumb, and I would watch it again without too much complaint.

5 sweet-talkers :

CountryDew said...

Will Smith is a good choice.

Kwizgiver said...

A lot of my students quote Spongebob incessantly. So I hear a lot and am told a lot but I've never watched it.

Zippi Kit said...

You could try a cosmetic counter at Macy's for a little spritz of Chanel. Annnd don't they put you on a catheter for lift off and re-entry? *wink*

I am Harriet said...

I am jealous that you can dance around your kitchen like that. I am inspired!

The Gal Herself said...

Love your answer to #6.

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