Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday 9

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Sleigh Ride (1993)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Have you ever ridden in a sleigh?
I've ridden in a Russian troika in Siberia. Close enough for my lights.
2) This recording is from Harry Connick Jr's best-selling CD, When My Heart Finds Christmas. This year, did you add any new holiday songs to your personal collection?
Nope. In fact, I didn't really listen to much Christmas music till this past week. I've got another 5 Days of Christmas left for it too! OK, to be totally honest, I'm listening to random Spotify Christmas channels and building NEXT year's playlist. I've found some good new bands, but their names are written down at work.
3) Harry was born and raised in New Orleans, a city that seldom sees snow. Have you had enough snow to shovel so far this winter?
Yes. We've had two shovel-able snowstorms this season. We can be done now--but I'm sure we aren't.
4) Speaking of weather, Harry hosted a mini-series on The Weather Channel called 100 Biggest Weather Moments. Do you frequently check The Weather Channel?
Not as much as we used to--we check the weather online on our phones or laptops instead.
5) Harry's mother was a very impressive woman -- a lawyer, judge and Louisiana Supreme Court justice. Tell us about someone in your family of whom you're very proud.
I'm proud of everyone in my family! My brother sells used firetrucks to, well, anyone looking for them (he's sold to places from Sweden to Qatar, from Wisconsin to Colorado). My sister has a MA in Early Childhood Development and has run several successful daycares over the years. I have a nephew who is a TSA officer, another who's a city council member in his city, one who repairs forklifts for pay and designs and builds firearms for fun, one who drives a semi all over the eastern half of the country (and Canada), a niece who is a veterinarian, another who is an astrophysicist (yes, really), one who designs amazing costumes and clothing, and another whose voice is amazing. Sparky is the most awesome son ever--he's been just stellar during this winter break--and Beast is my hero for keeping his sense of humor through the past 3 months.
Should I keep going....?
6) Happy New Year! Now that Christmas is over, are you done with holiday music and decorations? Or are you sad to see the holidays end?
I'm over the hols. Let's just move right on to spring, ok?
7) The New Year's Eve fireworks celebration in Sydney, Australia is famous for coordinating pyrotechnics and music. Have you ever welcomed the New Year in another country?
Yes, actually I have: I rang in 1985 in Moscow watching most of my classmates get blotto and agreeing with our prof/chaperone that the flight to Omsk (on a prop plane) in the morning was going to SUUUUUUUCK for them. It did. Unfortunately, I had to sit on the plane next to one of the guys who didn't have the most settled stomach ....
8) Do you have any New Year's Resolutions for 2016?
It's not so much a resolution as it is actual fact: I simply have to lose weight. Aside from looking like hell, my back is starting to act up from doing nothing but standing in line. Shopping is becoming painful, which is ludicrous.
9) Looking back on 2015, what surprised you?
The fact that Donald Trump has any political credibility with anyone stuns me. I just don't get it--talk about the Emperor having no clothes!

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CountryDew said...

Agree with you on Trump. And I need to lose weight for numerous reasons but the damn stuff just won't go away. Good luck!

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