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Would you say you were an awkward person?
I definitely feel awkward often.
Do you ever actually read the “Terms and services” when you sign up for websites and such?
Hell no! Does anyone??
Do you enjoy plane journeys, if you’ve ever been on one?
Not anymore. It's not fun to fly anymore, and I'm bigger than I used to be so I don't fit in the downsized seats. It's just unpleasant. But I do love airports (past the security crap) and I like to travel.
Is Catcher in the Rye in your library by any chance?
If so, it's been in storage for pretty close to 30 years. I've no interest in it whatsoever. I've read other Salinger books and enjoyed them. I just think young Master Caulfield is a complete jerk.
Would you rather be watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?
I'd rather have bamboo shoved under my fingernails than watch either of them.
What is a cliche thing that happens a lot in anime?
Big freakin' eyes. I don't really read anime, but the stylized look of people is unpleasantly weird to my elderly Western eyes.
If you have one, what is your favorite sushi roll?
I do not eat uncooked animals of any kind.
Do you find the phrase ‘nom nom nom’ annoying?
No. Please, there are so many things to worry about that are important. Like the Oxford comma, for instance. lol
How old will you be in 6 months?
Same age I am now: 52.
Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
Rarely. It's not my favorite thing, but sometimes it just hits the spot.
Last time you told someone you love them? Who was it?
Beast, about an hour ago.
Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?
My skin is perfectly functional and has been good to me. Maybe a little less facial acne...but really, I'm fine with the overall organ.
Is your phone right beside you?
Do you like Subway?
Meh, it's ok. I prefer Jimmy Johns, or (best) Cousins.
Do your school pictures always look bad, or are they pretty good?
They're damned funny to look at now! The hair! The teeth! The OUTFITS?!!! Actually, I do like my senior picture from high school. I look much older than 18, and wiser. Hah.
Would you rather live in a mansion or a small cozy home?
Smaller is better. Who has to clean all the rooms in that big house?
Do you find smoking unattractive?
I'm not a fan. Old smoke is particularly disgusting, like when your car reeks so bad that I can still smell you when I pull up behind you at the drive-through. Gross. And, more to the point, achOO! I'm very allergic.
Do you have a deep dark secret?
Of course there are things I don't want everyone to know, but nothing that will send me to jail.
Have you ever felt replaced?
Uhm, yes. Right now, I'd really like to be replaced in some of my roles.
If you could drink only 2 things for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Water and diet Dr. Pepper.
What’s your status on fb/myspace say currently?
It's my daily "Shootings in the U.S." post. I do one every day. "Only" 59 gun incidents yesterday, "only" 34 people injured, and "only" 20 deaths.
What’s the name of a song you’ve listened to a lot recently?
I try not to repeat my playlist very often, so I don't think I've done any "a lot." I skip right pasts repeats.
Think of the most recent time that you went out to eat with someone, who ended up paying?
Beast usually pays. Like 98% of the time. We had lunch together ?Thursday. Or maybe Tuesday.
You were given the opportunity to get a new cellular device, what do you choose?
I need a new Nook. Mine blew up last week.

01. Are you more inclined to watch a film if it has attractive actors/actresses in it?
It's hard to find a movie that does not have attractive people in it! So, by definition, yes. But I prefer a good story to go with the pretty faces.
02. When you see something funny on the internet, how likely are you to actually laugh out loud at it?
Not at work, usually. Occasionally at home.
03. When you come across a petition for something online, do you feel obligated to sign it if it’s for something you agree with? Or will you only sign them if you are very, very passionate about the cause? Do you think that petitions work well?
I'll sign anything that sounds reasonable. Why not put it to a vote?
04. Do you like puns?
I used to love them, but having cataloged hundreds of paperback mysteries with hopeless puns for titles, I'm less enamored.
05. Have you ever watched someone struggle with something you struggle[d] with? Have you ever helped someone through something you went through yourself?
I've tried, yes.
06. What was the first picture of your favorite band/musician that you ever saw?
Current favorite? Probably something on their album (yes really) packaging. I had posters everywhere in my teenage bedroom for people I won't name.
07. How do you feel about unsolicited advice?
I ignore it, unless people are insistent or pushy or generally irritating. Then I get crabby.
08. Which do you feel more often: that people take life too seriously, or that they don’t take it seriously enough?
The important stuff is often more easily ignored, and one of the important things is to appreciate good times.
09. If you believe in a God or higher being, do you think that they are vengeful and will punish you for your wrongdoings?
No. The God I believe in loves us and wants us to be happy. I don't even understand that vengeful stuff, though I used to be pretty sure that was all true. Much of my early adulthood was spent worrying about going to hell. Hell can't possibly be worse than some of the days I've experienced on earth, however, so I don't really believe in Hell as a place anymore. Which then draws into whether Heaven exists.... I have SO MANY questions, but I know that God loves us.
10. What is one trait you lack that you wish you could have? Are there things that you feel you can’t do because you lack that trait? If you had to get rid of a positive trait that you possess to be able to have that trait, which would you get rid of?
I need to stop saving the universe. Or thinking I can. What would I give up? Caring about every-damn-thing.
11. What is your favorite scene from your favorite film?
The croquet scene in "Heathers" kills me every single time I see it.
12. When did you really start to think about the idea of virginity? Do you “believe” in it? At what age did you think you’d lose your virginity by when you were younger? If you have lost it, what age did you lose it at?
I think the whole discussion of virginity is ridiculous. I remember a class at my church in high school in which we girls were all told that if we slept with anyone prior to getting married (especially someone we didn't actually marry!) we'd never be fully able to be 100% with our husbands. WTAF?! That's just so fucked up (ha ha). Jeez. People should know what they're getting into (ha ha) from sharing a bathroom to sharing a bed if they feel like they need to.
13. How often do you clear your internet history?
Not very often at all. I use my work computer and my home computer and no one else uses either. And anyway, I'm not doing anything illicit.
14. When you listen to music, do you like to hum, whistle, or sing along to it?
I love singing along, but I try to contain myself when wearing headphones or out in public.
15. Do you have a hard time being around people whose opinions on alcohol and drugs differ from yours?
Only if they're doing something illegal with drugs. And frankly, if they are, I'm totally out of there. I do not need to be arrested. Thanks, but no.
16. What is something you thought could/would never happen to you that has happened to you?
Some of the things I've said as a parent I swore would never come out of my mouth. Oops. lol Never say never.
17. If you are interested in the subject, are there any branches of philosophy that you enjoy in particular or any philosophers whose ideas you like?
I've always liked Existentialism. Some of the German dudes were ridiculous and needed to get real jobs in the real world and stop talking.
18. Are you interested in living a healthy lifestyle, or is that something you don’t care much about?
I need to start eating better and using my body better.
19. Do you prefer in-depth survey questions that you have to think about for a bit, or do you like questions that are straightforward and easy to answer?
A few of both. This one was a nice mix.
20. What is something you plan on learning in the near future? Will it take long to learn this, or is it something that is easily learned?
Going back up a few questions, I need to learn food stuff. I mean, I know stuff, but it's not working for me at all.

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