Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Stealing

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Is there anyone else in the room with you atm? What are they doing?
Beast is across the room sorting the week's mail, paying bills, doing some other financial stuff...and watching the Packers play (badly, against Carolina).
Do you show your teeth when you smile, or do you prefer smiling with your lips closed?
I don't really think about my teeth when I'm smiling--I'm pretty sure they show.
Would you rather be told the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear?
Yes, ultimately I would.
What is something that you plan to buy, as soon as you’ve saved up the money for it?
We really need a new vacuum. I "donated" our old one to Sparky when he moved out in August. The cleaning ladies do the carpets when they're here, and most of the floors aren't carpeted anyway, but we really need something for cleaning in between their visits.
Do you play Sudoku?
I do. Almost every day.
Have you ever had a migraine?
Yes. They are the pits.
What was the last book you read for pleasure?
I've finally finished Touch by Claire North. Great concept, good story, but the ending was a bit of a letdown....
What was the last item of clothing you purchased for yourself?
I bought a couple of new pairs of shoes for fall/winter last weekend. Before that, it was a T and a zip-hoodie on vacation.
Your first serious relationship, do you still talk to him/her?
Nope. I'm friends with his brother on Facebook though.
Who is the last person you texted?
How close is your family?
Geographically, we're very spread out (all over the U.S.--like 5 separate states) and two countries in Europe. But, surprisingly, we're pretty close as family.
Is there anything too serious to be joked about?
It's impossible to laugh at other people's honest grief. There's humor in grief, to be sure, but not directed outwards at someone who is grieving.
Do you like to understand and have good knowledge of things?
What is worse? Back pain or shoulder pain?
Well this is eerily timely....Beast has been suffering from both in the past three weeks. We're far more concerned about the pain that is originating in his spine and causing the fingers on his left hand to go numb almost constantly. I think nerve pain is the worst because nothing really 'fixes' it except morphine (which they don't give outside the hospital or directly under a nurse's care, these days). His arm just aches all the time.
Have you ever almost fallen off of something high off the ground?
Nope. I tend to hold on tight when I'm elevated. Probably has something to do with growing up in the mountains.
What’s one fruit you love in drinks?
What is something simple that you’re afraid of?
The bottom falling out. Y'know when this question comes up anymore, I just sit here for 15-20 seconds trying to come up with something scary...and in this case something "simple" that's scary. The stuff that tends to scary me is not simple. Bats, spiders, death, the dark, heights...nope. Maybe large crowds, but especially in the last month I've had to face some serious fears and come to terms with them and stand my ground just to get on with life. Doesn't mean I'm calm and cool all the time, but I've developed a very large capacity for "bring it."
Has this weekend been good?
Yeah, actually, it's been good. I'm going to finish this and publish it and flop over for my mid-afternoon Sunday nap. That's always good.
I'm NOT, however, looking forward to work tomorrow. Friday was a great day for getting stuff done, but a shit day for dealing with coworkers. I really don't want to see them tomorrow.
How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?
I'm usually up and getting ready to leave the house about 90 minutes before I need to leave.
Last movie you watched in theaters and with whom?
"A Walk in the Woods" last month with Beast. I loved the book. The movie was ok--lovely scenery and Nick Nolte and Robert Redford were funny.

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Zippi Kit said...

I completely agree that the spine pain is the worst. I've had both and it just is the worst. When I read your last movie I misread the title to say "Into the Woods", which is whole other animal. ;o) Need to go back to school and take "reading". lol

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