Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday 5

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  1. What’s an issue you wish more people knew about?
    HELLP syndrome. My niece nearly died as a result of it, and she lost her first child as part of the situation. Everything was fine, until it wasn't.
  2. When were you last outraged about something?
    I'm outraged every night as I post the latest gun violence statistics on my Facebook page. There've been over 200 shootings this week. Did you know that??
  3. When you were a kid, what was the first news story to make an impression on you?
    The earliest news thing I'm pretty sure I remember was the Moon Landing in 1969. I sort of remember some drama earlier than that, but nothing I can name for sure. And the Munich Olympics are extremely clear. My sister Jean got married that month.
  4. What’s getting far too much media attention lately?
    Anything and everything to do with presidential elections. We have over a year before we need to make a decision. Can't we just STFU about it for six months or so? Ugh.
  5. What’s a consumer product you’d recommend to others?
    Dealing with CruiseAmerica was just wonderful. The RV we rented was pristine and worked perfectly, it was all explained, and our changing plans didn't faze them too much. They had warned us ahead that there would be no refund for early return, but we knew where to take it to be cleaned professionally, and we did get money back on miles we didn't use. If you've any interest in trying out RVing, do use these guys.

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Kwizgiver said...

Oh, how tragic (about HELLP)! I'd never heard of it.

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