Saturday, September 19, 2015

...our habits make us

(Reminded of this by Amy)
Type each letter of the alphabet into the address bar, one at a time. Select the top URL and copy it next to the letter. If you regularly clear your cache/history, you can skip this whole thing.

I'm doing two, since I literally NEVER clear my cache AND I use my google account at the Reference Desk, so there are some random ringers here.
A - & [Sparky was hunting, and so was I, for him]
B - &
C - & [from whom we order some of our library materials]
D - & [ok, well, that's a weird combination....]
E - & [work email ] which doesn't actually start with E so...yeah.... [both are work-related]
F - & [yay social media!]
G - &
H - & [neither of which do I frequent]
I - & [I love Inoreader! And IMDb comes in very handy regularly for work]
J - & [again, I don't actually use either of these]
K - [no second option] [WTF?]
L - & [both work-related]
M - & [library ebook download site]
N - [local library consortium catalog] & [yeah, ok, I use these A LOT!]
O - [no second option] [work work work]
P - & [again, I do use these a lot]
Q - [clickbait site] [no second option] [I don't mind free advertising on most of these, but not THIS site]
R - & [yes, that is random actually]
S - & Google search: shropshire [lolol]
T - & [hah]
U - & [ok THAT is really really random!]
V - [Vicki's Place] [no second option]
W - & [yay]
X - [nada]
Y - [no second option]
Z - & [more sites I almost never use]
And a bonus:
0 - [nada]
1 - [nada]
2 - Google search: 21 day fix [what??]
3 - 303 area code [Why would I look this up, I wonder, since it's the area code in which I grew up]
4 - [nada]
5 - [nada]
6 - my college roommate's childhood address [don't ask]
7 - the address of a former bar near said friend's home [don't ask]
8 - 8 tracks [and this was before today's 8-Track question!]
9 - 9/11 [sad face]

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