Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday 5

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  1. What haven’t you framed yet?
    Uhm, nothing? I think we're good in the framing department. It pays to have (extended) family to call on for this.
  2. What haven’t you thrown out yet?
    Everything in Sparky's chest of drawers. I have no idea what crap he has in there that he didn't bother to take when he moved out.
  3. What haven’t you repaired yet?
    I've some mending that needs doing, I think. OH! And there's a light fixture that needs a new light bulb. It's a pain to change it, so Beast and I have been ignoring it all week.
  4. Whom haven’t you called or emailed yet?
    There is not enough room to list all those people. I really need to call Stacy and reschedule my appointment for next week.
  5. What haven’t you seen yet?
    My son for over a month. :-(

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