Sunday, August 9, 2015

You Are the Italian BMT Sub
You have a hearty and adventurous appetite - so much so that you need a made up sandwich that's big, meaty, and tasty.

In general, you tend to say "yes" to life and experiences. More is more for you - and the challenge is fitting it all in!
This sounds far too odd for me, and I don't like tomatoes, so I think I'll stick to my regular "plain" Italian or cold cut combo.

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You Would Play a Goth
Whether you're goth or not, you're more attracted to the alternative side of life - and you have the attitude to pull it off.You are very drawn towards indie culture. The mainstream doesn't have much to offer you, both in terms of entertainment and beliefs.

You are content in your own little bubble away from the world. You have your own interests, and hopefully a few friends that share them.

You are often [occasionally] misunderstood and considered a bit weird, but actually you're quite a lovely person. You just have the confidence to be who you are.
I would've been a shitty Goth. My parents would absolutely NOT have allowed it, and I was already weird enough without pissing them off. But nowadays--meh, whatever. I don't need to dress and "look" a part anymore; I just behave the way I want, within reason.

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You Are Orange Cream
You are beyond sweet, and more than anything, you are a lot of fun. You have a whimsical approach to life.

You see fun and joy everywhere you go. You have a spring in your step most days
, and you don't have to do anything to put it there.

You can get some pretty intense bursts of energy, but they are always a good thing. Most of the time, you are pretty laid back and chill.

You are always up for a little adventure, and you are quite the optimist. Even a misadventure turns out to be a pretty good time!
Except for the whole Traumatic Childhood Experience with a Dreamsicle that Scarred Me Psychologically For Life, this is fine. The description is good. The flavor is DOA though.

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