Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Stealing

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Are your nails painted a dark or light color?
My fingernails aren't painted. My toes are a really lovely faded bluejean color.
Have you ever order[ed] pizza online?
Hmm, no. Can't say as I have? I just call--faster and easier. And honestly, the local place probably doesn't 'do' online. They don't even have caller ID on their phone! Or (ahem) a website.
What color was the last candle you lit?
Dark red, I think. I believe it's a "Christmas-scented" candle.
Is there something written on your shirt right now?
"For Such A Time As This," which was the PYT theme from 2010. Anyone wanna have a go at what book of the Bible that quote is from?
Is there a bookshelf in your room?
In the specific room I'm currently in, no, but there are 8 text books stacked on a table across the room. I need to get those sent back to Amazon. There is a small bookshelf in the dining room, and a big wall-o-books in the kitchen.
Do you own a treadmill?
Have you ever signed up for a gym membership?
Is there a garbage can in your room? What color is it?
Yes. It's dark-colored tin/copper with a white grocery bag liner in it.
Have you ever read in the bathtub?
All the time, my friend.
Have you ever had to wear a hairnet?
Yes. High school marching band in the late 70s/early 80s meant most of the band, boys and girls, had hairnets on to keep the hair off the collars and under the hat where it belonged.
Do you know how many pages the last book you read had?
GoodReads says it has 336. I haven't "reported" it read yet, but I finished it last night.
What day of the week does the laundry usually get done?
Saturday because it's the one day Beast and his laundry is guaranteed to be at home with no regularly-scheduled activities. He does travel that much, yes.
Do you use the Facebook chat often?
Yes. Well, define "often" I guess--but I did send Sparky something this morning. ....which, come to think of it, he has yet to answer....idiotchild
Do you have any baby pictures of yourself on your computer?
Nope. I barely have any baby pictures of me anywhere at all. There is one in the office, framed, from my mom & dad's bedroom. That's literally the only one I know about.
Do you eat onion rings?
What flavor of tea did you last have?
Uhm, tea-flavored. I don't hold with this new-fangled flavored tea BS.
Do you own a bathrobe?
Did you/will you have coffee or some other form of caffeine today?
I'm on my second can of DDP.
Do you have a mailbox or do you collect your mail from the post office?
Yes. Both. Beast has a business mail-drop outside the house as well.
What was the last animal you saw, and was it a pet?
The last animal I noticed was probably one of the squished ones on the road yesterday on the drive home. The last animal I don't remember seeing was surely one/both of the guinea pigs in the back hall.
What was the last documentary you watched focusing on?
Probably history of some sort or another. I can't remember the last documentary I watched.
sox and soap
Is there anything you need to remember to do before the day ends?
Clean the pigs' cage. Get this soap out of the living room; it's really stinky. [see here for explanation]
Is your car messy, or do you like to keep it clean?
It's untidy but generally pretty clean. Except the floors. How the hell do I track so much crap in there??
Are you the type to wake up before the sun has even risen?
I used to be. Well, technically, I guess I still do ... at 1 or 2 a.m.
Do you get uncomfortable when people stare at you?
Of course.
Have you ever been admitted to the hospital for a long period of time?
The longest I've spent as a patient was 4 nights. Twice.

4 sweet-talkers :

I am Harriet said...

That is funny that your local pizza place doesn't have caller ID. I wonder if that affects how many prank pizza orders they get.

Zippi Kit said...

I"m guessing there weren't too many Afros being sported in your HS band.
I hear you on the new fangled flavored tea BS. But I do like herbals. Lemon Ginger.. mmmmmmm

Cat. said...

It's a pretty small town. I'm not sure if that makes it more or less likely for prank calls. Everyone sort of knows everyone though. Maybe they just *tell* us they don't have it. ;-)

Kwizgiver said...

My local pizza places don't have websites, either. And I'm used to being stared at as a job hazard.

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