Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Salon

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The usual: living room, Beast and I sitting here, both trying to wake up.
Today's Plan:
I will be sorting soap into small baggies. When he travels Beast empties his hotel room of all the 'free' stuff that he doesn't use during his stay. We give the non-liquid soap, etc., to our church for Operation Christmas Child. The liquids--shampoos, lotions, etc.--go to the local homeless organization and women's shelter. That plus the ~100 pairs of white sox I paired off this week while watching TV needs to get delivered to church and shelters soon as the need kicks up starting in the fall.
And I need to clean the guinea pig cage, of course.
....need you ask ??
Listening to:
The clock ticking. The laptop fans humming, and the keys and mouses tappy-tapping. It's quiet.
Participating in:
Absolutely-bloody-nothing today. I'm not leaving the house. It's supposed to hit 92 with something like 80% humidity today and I'm just not interested in melting in that. Yes, I know all you people living south of me are laughing your asses off; I've been to southern MS in the summer. I'm just not built for humidity.
Blogging about:
Well, this. Coupla other memes on the usual rotation coming up. Was noodling a family blog around this morning to get Sparky to keep us posted on his doin's, but I doubt that would help in real life.
Giving thanks for:
Sunshine. Water. Out-of-state birds who have chosen our yard to nest and raise their brand-new-yesterday babies. Allergy meds.

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