Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Stealing

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Birds Are Chirping Meme

Name a product you buy mostly because it has a cool package.
I wish I could say that I didn't do this, but I'm pretty sure I've been sucked into this. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of right now is that I can now buy prepackaged baggies of fresh mini-peppers at the grocery store. That's a bit sad.
What flavor cake do you like for your birthday?
Vanilla with buttercream frosting. I'm not agin lemon cake, but tone down the chocolate and NO FRUIT! In a city where I used to live, and where we have good friends who serve cake regularly, every cake seems to have a layer of jam--it ruins a perfectly delicious cake!
Have you ever been in love with someone much older or younger than you?
I'm assuming this means romantic love. So, no. I've loved a lot of people of many different ages non-romantically.
Have you ever had a job you loved?
I have one now. I love it when it's not making me incredibly angry.
Have you ever been in a building that was on fire?
Thank God, no!
Are you in an argument with anyone right now?
Not really. I'm past my limit of patience with one person at work, though, which is difficult. She's a friend but also I'm her supervisor, so that makes things complicated, and she's ... challenging ... right now.
not my coworker
Would you change your hair color to something outrageous if you would get paid to?
Honestly, I'd probably do it for free if I could be assured it wasn't going to be tragically high-maintenance. One of my co-workers died her hair blue about two weeks ago and it's still washing out and staining her (very pale) skin. She looks like skim milk. I want dye that goes on, stays in my hair (only) for a good long time, and washed out when I'm done.
Have you ever written a poem for someone?
I've written poems about situations. I don't think I've ever written for a person, though, no.
What is a place you’ve vacationed at and would like to go back to?
Do you eat samples at the grocery store?
What do you absolutely have to have to make your birthday feel special?
Acknowledgement from someone I love that it's my birthday: a card, an email, a gift, a cake, SOMEthing. Sparky, are you listening??
What’s the last tourist area you visited?
The main part of the downtown of the city in which I work is supposedly a "tourist attraction." Whatever. I shop there, I eat lunch there and not because it's touristy, though it is pretty attractive.
Where do you go out to eat for a special occasion?
Probably the resort town north of us, or a really yummy chicken place on the way to said resort.
When was the last time you went to a post office?
I stopped at our P.O. box a couple of weeks ago. Beast usually goes. Otherwise, I pretty much never deal with the USPS.
Is there an item you are saving up to buy right now?
We're thinking about new kitchen countertops. Not really saving up, just deciding how to spend the money we already have saved.
Are you psychic in any way?
That's assuming I believe in psychics in the first place. :-) No. But I think Beast is. And I definitely have had some weird precognitive dreams.
Do you prefer a laptop or desktop? Which are you on now?
They each have their good points. I prefer my laptop, but I like my work desktop a lot too. For different reasons.
Have you ever received a gift and truly did not know what it was?
Yes. And I've received gifts that I recognized but couldn't understand anyone would think I'd need/want them.
What’s your homepage?
I don't have my own site. My browser is set to open my work internal homepage, Gmail and work email automatically in one page and OCLC Connexion in another window. At home, I've always got Inoreader, Blogger, Gmail, Facebook, Goodreads and open, in two browser windows.
Is there a thing you enjoy doing, but quit because you are not good at it?
Not exactly. I quit bell choir at church because I couldn't deal with the non-music stress of it. Too many chiefs, too many different levels of musical knowledge, general thanks. I'm pretty good at the music but not at ignoring all the rest of it. I do not enjoy drama!

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The Gal Herself said...

"Tone down the chocolate," is a phrase that's never passed my lips. ;)

That vacation photo is breathtaking. Now wonder you want to go back!

Zippi Kit said...

That's a beautiful place. Echo! And the blue hair looks gorgeous but there is not perma dye for it, me thinks. Sadly. I want it! Best wishes with the kitchen redo. Dusty and noisy but you'll love it when it's done.

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